Notes from the team - Inspiration und feel-good Rituale
entrepreneurial journey

Notes from the team – Inspiration and feel-good rituals

Hej! We are the women and voices behind hejhej. Notes from the team are an intimate glimpse into our hearts and minds. Meet us – The people who founded and are building the first circula...
Detailaufnahme der Spelze im hejhe- Bolster
circular economy

Why yoga pillow refills are sustainable

The durability of hejhej products is an essential criterion for us in product development. High-quality materials that are carefully processed lead to the longevity of a product. The lon...
Book about herbs and the hejhej spray
all about yoga

Yoga and Sustainability – You and the Niyamas

As you know, we like to look at yoga from a sustainable perspective and vice versa. After we have already dealt with the first five principles of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and interpreted the Ya...
Wir erklären dir warum wir unsere Preise anpassen müssen
circular economy

Honest talk about our prices – why we have to raise them and how you can still order at our old prices

These current times are just crazy. The whole world speaks about increasing prices, rising energy costs and everything getting more expensive. We deliberately did not speak about it so far. We did...
Erfahre in diesem Artikel mehr über Yoga für Menschen mit Behinderung.
all about yoga

Yoga for people with disabilities – guest article by Lena Braun

We are very proud to give you such a valuable article about yoga for people with disabilities by Lena Braun to read. It is about much more than people with disabilities, it is also about...
Gastartilkel von achtmeter über Yoga und Verdauung
all about yoga

Yoga and digestion – asanas for a healthy gut

Yoga is such a holistic support for your body and well-being. This also includes your digestion. What does yoga have to do with digestion? In this guest post, we asked the wonderful start-up ...
Recycling Aufruf hejhej-mats
circular economy

Recycling Round No. 1

Recycle your hejhej-mat – 1st recycling round after approx. 4 years Most of the existing yoga mats are not recyclable, so basically, all of them will end up as waste. That’s just crazy! The good n...
Ein Beitrag wo wir dir erzählen, dass die hejhej-mat kopiert wurde
entrepreneurial journey

how it feels to get copied

It’s time to open up. Why we were quiet at first. A chat these last days brought this all up again. We never spoke about it publicly. In the last few days, we reflect on why we never did it. We we...
Elin liegt mit dem Kopf auf dem hejhej-bolster
all about yoga

Why you should use your Yoga Bolster for more than just your yoga practice – Yoga Bolster Usage

You have probably already noticed from our last articles how many different applications hejhej products have. Read here the most beautiful 7 usages with the hejhej-eyepillow. We have also wr...
Eine Woche voller Nachhaltigkeits Tipps von hejhej
ecological sustainability

Tips Sustainability – World Yoga Day 2022

On the 21st of June is World Yoga Day. We especially love to draw attention to yoga on this day and celebrate this day together with you. How nice that the longest day of the year also falls ...
mindful life

7 uses of the Yoga Spray – the sustainable hejhej-spray

By the end of 2021, the sustainable hejhej-spray is finally in our online shop. This article is about possible uses of a yoga spray and how it can accompany you in your yoga pr...
Eine Frau liegt auf der hellen hejhej-mat mit einer Hand in ihrem Schritt und einer Hand auf dem Herzen
all about yoga

Yoga and sex, how does that fit together? – Guest article by Teresa Wittmann

Sex is a strong urge to find out something, not only about the body, not only about the other person but about everything that is hidden. Osho Teresa Wittmann is a yoga teacher and mom. She r...
ein ehrlicher Beitrag über die aktuelle Situation bei hejhej
entrepreneurial journey

too small to compete

We feel frustrated and too small to compete. We have been at this point so many times before. We have always been so frustrated but then decided to swallow it down and just continue. But in the la...
Warum wir nicht mehr ein Baum pro Produkt pflanzen
ecological sustainability

One tree per product – Why we are critical regarding this claim

You are probably familiar with the advertising slogan “A tree is planted for every product” from numerous companies. Here we explain why we are critical of this claim and donate to a local foundat...
Lese hier wie du ätherische Öle im Yoga nutzen kannst
all about yoga

How essential oils support your yoga practice

Essential oils are wonderfully beneficial during your yoga practice. They can positively influence your well-being. We have deliberately created a 2 in 1 application for our hejhej Yoga Spray – fo...
Der Wirkungsbericht von hejhej aus dem Jahr 2021
circular economy

hejhej’s Impact Report No. 2 – Ecological and Social Impact 2021

Promoting sustainability and creating impact is particularly close to our hearts at hejhej. All areas of the company are geared towards this. On our website, we have added the tab “sustainability”...
Transparente Infos über das neue hejhej nachhaltige Yoga Spray
all about yoga

hejhej-spray – the sustainable yoga spray for your yoga practice

Many of you have asked us how you can best clean the hejhej yoga mat in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Most yoga mat sprays on the market are not without ingredients fro...
Mitarbeiter des hejhej Teams in einer Werkstatt für Menschen mit Behinderung beschriftet den Yogamatten Karton
entrepreneurial journey

A statement on workplaces for people with disabilities

********UPDATE from 26.11.21********We wrote our first statement on our cooperation with workplaces for people with disabilities on the 15th of March 2021. Recently there has been increased critic...
Das nachhaltige Augenkissen liegt auf dem Gesicht einer Person die in Savasana liegt
all about yoga

The most beautiful 7 eye pillow usages with the hejhej-eyepillow

An eye pillow is perhaps a piece of yoga equipment you haven’t heard of yet. Due to the pandemic, you may not have been to a yoga studio in the last few years, or you may not h...
Die besten Yogamatten im Hotel Rosso
all about yoga

The best yoga hotels to unwind

The main purpose of a holiday is to switch off and completely relax. Sun is definitely a factor on vacation that allows the feeling of relaxation to arrive quicker but also that is not always guar...
Umkehrhaltung auf dem Yoga Bolster
all about yoga

Yoga during pregnancy

Sabine Gallei is a yoga teacher, knitwear designer/stylist, mother of three young sons and founder of YES YOU ARE ( Sabine teaches open yoga classes, private classes, business yoga,...