Midsommar feiern

Midsommar celebration

On the 21st of June is the longest day of the year, it’s summer solstice. In Sweden, the Midsummer celebration ‘Midsommar‘ is celebrated on Friday and Saturday. Since hejhej was founded in Sweden, we are still deeply connected with the Swedish culture. You don’t have to live in Sweden or Scandinavia to celebrate Midsommar, we just brought it to Nuremberg this year and celebrated it with our friends. We collected our recipes, created a playlist for you, and wrote down some wonderful Midsommar activities. Before we start sharing we even have a special little gift for you. Since all of you loved our onomao special so so much and we got quite some questions about whether one can get the beautiful, oceanic, ceramic cup with other orders, we decided to extend our special for a short period to all orders over 50€. So from now on, you can use the code freecup with your order, and will receive the onomao cup for free [offer ended].

How we celebrate Midsommar

We actually had this beautiful cup with us on our Midsommar celebration and enjoyed some delicious lupine coffee out of it. Let’s share with you what we did besides drinking a lot of coffee 🙂

Swedish people just love to spend this day outside, so just search for a nice place outside, which can be your balcony, a park, or a garden, and invite your closest friends.

Our Midsommar celebration started with a wonderful and connecting breathwork practice. We did our 15 min Katonah Yoga Pranayama on YouTube and let all the bad of this first part of the year out and collected fresh energy for the second half to come. We then hopped into a river for some swimming in cold water. This cold cold water was super energizing – maybe you have a close river, lake, or swimming pool as well. It’s just so much fun to be in the water with your friends. Of course, Swedish vegan food was important for us as well. That’s what we made and we linked you all the recipes so you can easily prepare this as well at your celebration:

Swedish, vegan food for your Midsommar celebration

Die onomao Tasse der perfekte Begleiter zum Midsommar feiern
Schwedisches und veganes Essen für dein Midsommar Fest

Salty dishes

Vegan Köttbullar with a lot of cranberries
Potato salad
Green salad

Sweet dishes

Obviously vegan Kanelbullar
Rhubarb, strawberry compote


lupine coffee (perfect in your onomao cup)
Rhubarb syrup

For your drinks, our onomao cup comes super handy, and beautiful. Maybe you need a new yoga mat, bolster, or meditation pillow (which is all just perfect for your breath work practice)?

Enjoy this day outside with your friends! Here’s the perfect playlist with all Swedish actors for your own little Midsommar celebration:

Midsommar Playlist on Spotify

Our friends were so so happy when they received the invitation and we just had the most wonderful day together. Maybe you feel inspired and want to start making a plan for Midsommar?