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  • Fabrics made from organic cotton, recycled cotton and hemp
  • Filling made from organic husks
  • Made in Germany
  • 100% recyclable

Dimensions: length approx. 62 cm, diameter approx. 22 cm, weight approx. 4 kg

Caring instructions: The outer fabric is easy to remove and washable at 30 degrees. We recommend hand washing it to make the product even more durable.

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The hejhej yoga bolster – closed-loop and thought out down to the smallest detail

  • Outer fabric: 73% recycled cotton, 16% cotton and 11% hemp fiber
  • Inner fabric: 90% organic cotton and 10% recycled cotton
    • Cotton and hemp are particularly soft and gentle on the skin
  • Color ecru
    • Uncolored fabrics are extremely resource-saving and skin-friendly
  • Bioland grain husk filling
  • Zipper made from recycled nylon, for example from recycled fishing nets
  • Cord, label, and care tag made from organic hemp
  • Sewing thread made from organic cotton

A blonde girl is stretching on the floor - the hejhej-bolster is under the upper part of her back and offers support.

Local value in a circle

  • We get the filling of the hejhej-bolster from our partner Bioland farm which lies very close to us.
  • The filling is a mixture of organic spelled and organic emmer husk breakage. The exact composition varies with each filling.
  • Husk breakage is a natural material that naturally occurs in abundance.
    • As a result, it is extremely resource-saving and does not take any additional valuable natural resources from our environment.
  • Husk breakage can be traced back 100% into the biological cycle and can be disposed of on the compost or in the organic waste.

A yogi practices the crow yoga pose. The hejhej-bolster lies in front of him and serves as a security in case he falls over in front.

Manufacturing with social and ecological value

  • The production of the hejhej bolster takes place entirely in Germany.
  • In cooperation with workplaces for people with disabilities, the yoga bolster is sewn and filled by hand.
  • In the workplaces, the yoga bolster is also packaged 100% plastic-free and from there we ship it to you climate neutrally.
  • For every hejhej-bolster sold, we donate 1€ to Dr. Günther Pfann Foundation.
    • The foundation is committed to the preservation of biodiversity and natural habitats in our immediate environment in Franconia, for example by planting trees and hedges or seeding wildflower meadows

To relax, a man has laid the hejhej bolster under his knees while lying down.

RecyclingWe take responsibility for the end of your hejhej bolster’s life

  • As soon as the Yoga Bolster has reached the end of the product life cycle, you can send it back to us free of charge.
  • The husks, the inner filling of the bolster, are biodegradable. You can dispose these in advance on the compost or in the organic waste bin.
  • The fabrics are recycled by us so that a new hejhej product can be created from them. Here we work together with our partner wecycled.
  • For returning your old yoga block, you will receive a discount code for your next closed-loop purchase in our shop.

A girl in the heel seat on the hejhej bolster.

We have collected further details and information about the first closed-loop hejhej-bolster for you in this article.

2 reviews for hejhej-bolster

  1. Pia Reker

    The hejhej-bolster is a true blessing! It’s not only fully sustainable but also incredibly soft. I love using it for meditation, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and sometimes just relaxing. Thanks for the new addition to the hejhej-family. Lastly, I love that it’s a circular product. It feels so good to buy mindfully. Thank you hejhej-Team!

  2. Hagen

    Yin yoga always feels so good and recharging and my bolster is my best friend while sinking deeply into each pose.

2 Reviews

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