hejhej return system

Eine Umkehrhaltung mit Yoga Bolster

Use your hejhej-product

We have developed a long-lasting product, for us this is the most sustainable way to produce and consume.

Recycling of individual hejhej products

Die hejhej-mat und der hejhej-block

hejhej-mat, hejhej-block

Our hejhej-mat and our hejhej-block are both made from the same material, recycled foam cuttings. You can send them back in one piece and we will use the raw material again for new yoga mats and yoga blocks. Read in more detail how the mats are disassembled into their individual components and prepared for recycling.

hejhej-gurt und hejhej-bag

hejhej-strap, hejhej-bag

The hejhej-bag and the hejhej-strap can be returned to the biological and technical cycle. The recycled polyester fabric of the hejhej-bag is recycled again and we use the raw material for new bags. The strap, from the hejhej-bag as well as the hejhej-strap, are biodegradable. According to DIN EN 13432 (externally tested by an independent institute), our hemp belt decomposes in a shorter time. You can cut it yourself into small pieces (approx. 10 cm) and either put it on your own compost or dispose of it in an organic waste bin. You can either send the metal buckle back to us easily and free of charge or take it to a recycling centre. Metal recycling is a well-functioning cycle in Germany. We primarily reuse the buckle, so it goes into new hejhej-bags and hejhej-straps or recycle the metal, meaning this raw material is also reused for new metals.

hejhej-bolster und hejhej-eyepillow

hejhej-bolster, hejhej-eyepillow

With our hejhej-bolster and our hejhej-eyepillow, you can put the husk or grape seed filling on your own compost or in the organic waste bin before sending it back. You send the empty pillow covers back to us. The cotton inner fabric of the bolster and the cotton/hemp outer fabric are recycled and reused as a resource for new fabric. The cotton fabric of the eye pillow is also recycled and used again as raw material for the inner fabric of the hejhej-bolster.

hejhej-spray mit Zerstäuber und die Refill Flasche


With the hejhej-spray, you separate the individual components yourself. Put the diffuser including the protective cap in the yellow bin for plastic recycling. The empty bottle goes directly into the amber glass container for glass recycling. The printed font does not bother the recycling.
Do you already know the hejhej-spray refill bottle? You can keep your dispenser and use it on the refill bottle.

The longer your hejhej equipment is in use, the more sustainable the product. Feel free to reuse the empty hejhej bottle and pillow covers if you have a use for them.

der Kreislauf der hejhej-mat mit hejhej-bag

Use your hejhej-equipment as long as possible (depending on usage, your hejhej-mat will last 1 – 10 years, your other hejhej products can last much longer).

As soon as you want to return a product, write us a short email

Then you will receive a return shipping label free of charge

As soon as we receive your used product, you will receive a 15% discount on your next order (cannot be combined with other discount codes).

We collect the used hejhejs until we have a suitable amount to be able to recycle them

We can then insert the components of your old product back into the production cycle

This way, your used hejhej product doesn’t end up as waste, but can be used as a resource for new products and, with your help, becomes an all-around sustainable product.