Eine Frau reinigt die dunkle hejhej-mat mit dem hejhej-spray

Use a slightly damp cloth to clean your yoga mat

in addition, you can use the hejhej-spray to clean the yoga mat. To do this, apply 1 to 2 pumps to your hejhej-mat or any other yoga mat and wipe with a dry cloth. It can also be used as a room spray before or after yoga practice.

not machine washable, please do not shower the mat completely

during hot yoga use a yoga towel on the mat

do not use on wet / sharp-edged floors

Avoid direct sunlight with the rather light hejhej-mat, store it in a place protected from light, for example in your hejhej-bag

the hejhej-mats were developed for use without shoes

we have compiled more information about the surface of the hejhej-mat for you

Care instructions for other hejhej products, such as the hejhej-bolster or the hejhej-pillow, are described on the respective product information pages.