Der besonders weiche Stoff der hejhej Kissen
hejhej-mats nachhaltiges und closed-loop Yoga Equipment


We want to introduce you to our materials that we mainly work with and therefore make up the majority of our products. We invest a lot of time during product development to find these selected manufacturers. One of our goals is to use as few materials as possible and to use same suppliers. With those we want to establish a good and long-term cooperation.

Recycelte Schaumstoffreste für Yogamatten


Our hejhej-mats and hejhej-blocks use recycled foam, mainly from offcuts from the foam industry, supplemented by recycled hejhej yoga mats to save resources. This approach supports the reuse of materials and promotes a circular economy. The products are characterised by their unique look with rather light or rather dark colours and varying speckles. Each production round is creating unique hejhej-mats. Our supplier, a family business in northern Germany, guarantees short delivery routes and supports local economic cycles while ensuring the quality and sustainability of our products.

Die Struktur der Yoga Kissen ist voller Natur


Our hejhej-bolster, hejhej-pillow are made from an environmentally and skin-friendly fabric blend: 73% recycled cotton, 16% cotton, and 11% hemp fibre for the bolster and meditation pillow. The inner fabric of our cushions combines 90% organic cotton with 10% recycled cotton, which is not only incredibly soft on the skin but also kind to the environment.

The hejhej-eyepillow uses pure, undyed cotton (offcuts) from Tanzania or Malawi.

These fabrics are 100% recycled and are used as raw materials in the production of new fabrics, whereby even the cotton fabric of the eye pillow is recycled into the inner fabric of the hejhej-bolster. In collaboration with our partner Wecycle, we guarantee a closed cycle that is both sustainable and resource-friendly. The outer fabric of our products is also easily removable and washable at 30 degrees, although hand washing is recommended for even longer durability. For all fabrics, we have deliberately opted for undyed natural colours, as dyeing is usually associated with chemical resources.

Die Spelze dienen als Kissenfüllung


Our hejhej-products use a filling made from certified Bioland grain husks, a natural material that is produced in abundance as the husk of the grain in agriculture and comes from near Regensburg. We use a mixture of emmer and spelt husks, which come directly from a farmer who de-husks these types of grain for a local brewery, and thus make sensible use of residual materials. These two types of husk are equally suitable as filling material and give our products an unmistakable natural fragrance. After use, 100% of the husk waste can be returned to the biological cycle and composted or disposed of in the organic waste bin. We offer the hejhej-husk refill for easy replenishment or adjustment of the filling quantity, allowing you to refill your yoga pillow to your desired level. You can find detailed information about the farmer who prepares the husk for us in our detailed bolster article.

Recycelte Yogamatten Tasche mit Reißverschluss


Our hejhej-bag is made from recycled polyester, a material that is obtained from recycled PET bottles, among other things. This material is not only waterproof but also particularly lightweight, making the hejhej-bag the ideal companion for everyday use. The use of recycled polyester helps to reduce the consumption of new resources and minimise plastic waste. After its life cycle, the polyester fabric of the hejhej-bag is recycled again and therefore used for new textile. This closes the cycle.

Hanf als Yoga Gurt Material


Our hejhej-strap and the strap of the hejhej-bag are made from organic hemp, a material known for its sustainability as it uses significantly less water compared to cotton and can be grown in a variety of climates. The natural colour and textured nature of hemp not only gives our products an aesthetic quality but also underlines our commitment to the environment. Hemp is also biodegradable and complies with DIN EN 13432, which has been confirmed by tests carried out by independent institutes; our hemp belt decomposes in a comparatively short time. These properties make hemp an ideal material for the manufacture of our sustainable products. By choosing hemp, we are opting for an environmentally friendly alternative that reduces the impact on our planet.

Traubenkerne in einer Hand


The hejhej-eyepillow is filled with regional grape seeds. This resource is a by-product of wine production and is often not reused. Our grape seeds come from a small farm in Franconia, which means we can guarantee very short transport routes. The eye pillows are then filled in Nuremberg in a workplace for people with disabilities. Grape seeds are a natural product and at the same time, we do not use high-quality foodstuffs that are intended for human consumption. You can find more information about the oil mill in Franconia in our detailed eye pillow article.

ätherische Öle im hejhej Spray


We have blended various essential oils in our yoga spray. All of these are from organically certified small businesses in Italy or Germany. In addition to organic cultivation, the short transport route is also important to us. We have deliberately avoided using oils from outside Europe. We have also used organic ethanol from Germany in the spray. This is obtained through the natural fermentation of grain and other food waste. You can find more information on the essential oils in our detailed spray article.


At hejhej, we value holisti transparency, which includes often overlooked details of our products. 

  • The sewing thread for our items is made from organic cotton, sourced from Austria, which promotes ecological standards. 
  • The cords of our bolsters and meditation pillows, as well as our labels and care labels, are made from organic hemp, which emphasises our sustainability philosophy. 
  • For the zips of bolsters, bags and meditation pillows, we use recycled nylon, which is obtained from recycled fishing nets, among other things. The company is based in Italy. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of marine waste. 
  • Even the metal buckles on our yoga straps are part of the cycle; they are either reused or recycled in the existing metal recycling system to conserve resources. 
  • The surface of the hejhej-mats is made from virgin material. Here we have deliberately opted for a medically compliant material to ensure perfect skin health. This waer-thin surface can be 100% recycled together with the foam.
  • The diffuser on the hejhej-spray is produced CO2 neutral and is made by a company that is certified for the common good.
  • The yoga spray glass bottle is partially recycled amber glass and is made in Germany.
  • The packaging of all hejhej-products is made from recycled materials.