Die Spelze, hejhej-husk, aus Emmer oder Dinkel aus dem biologischen Anbau
Eine Frau liegt mit ihrem Oberkörper auf dem hejhej-bolster
Die Füllung des Bolsters ist in einer Innenhülle, somit kannst du den Bolster einfach nachfüllen
Auch im hejhej-pillow findest du die selbe Füllung

hejhej-husk (refill)

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  • Certified Bioland grain husk filling from Franconia, Germany
  • Mixture of spelled and emmer husks can be recycled in the compost/organic waste bin
  • Fill your hejhej-bolster freshly (4 kg) or add to your filling (1 kg)
Delivery time: 2-4 working days / Express: 1-2 working days
Size:1 kg

Pure yoga pillow shell filling for a new filling of the hejhej-bolster or as an addition to your current yoga bolster or the hejhej-pillow meditation cushion. The husk filling gives you exactly the fullness and firmness that you want from your yoga pillow.

The hejhej-bolster or hejhej-pillow is not included with this order
  • The yoga pillow filling is for the hejhej-bolster or the hejhej-pillow
  • Yoga pillows support your yoga practice and can be the perfect companion in both calm and active yoga styles.
  • The high quality Bioland spelt husk filling gives you outstanding stability and support in your yoga asanas.
Variants 1 and 4 kg
  • The 1 kg version is perfect if you want your bolster or meditation cushion to be a little bit fuller.
  • The 4 kg variation is about one whole filling of the hejhej-bolster. If your bolster has lost a lot of its firmness after a long period of use, you can refill it again like new with this variation.

More about our partner Bioland farm and thus the regional origin of the husks.

Start a yoga session with your hejhej-bolster

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