Yoga im Wochenbett - Gastartikel von Vanessa Simon
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Yoga in the postpartum time - guest article by Vanessa Simon

Today we have a special type of yoga practice, namely the one in the postpartum period for you as a new mother after a birth. We are very grateful to partner with Vanessa , yoga teacher and doula, ...
Die Natürliche Wohltat: Nachhaltiges und regionales Traubenkernkissen
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The natural treat: sustainable and regional grape seed pillow

The hejhej-eyepillow eye pillow is filled with regional grape seeds. Here we tell you another application of the social pillow and why you should definitely try warming up or cooling down. The natu...
Ein hejhej-set für deine online Yoga Praxis
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Online yoga with hejhej-partner studios

Online yoga has proven to be a real asset for us, especially during the challenging times of Covid. We have been enthusiastic online yoga users for a long time. Online yoga allows us to get to know...
Yoga im Winter und Herbst mit der Vata Zeit und dem hejhej Equipment
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Yoga in autumn and winter

We have a brief article by Nina Kamran for you on the current season. Here you can find out how your yoga routine can support you in the autumn and winter seasons, the Vata time in Ayurveda. Why a...
Eine Frau macht eine Drehhaltung auf der eher hellen hejhej-mat
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Yoga in sign language

Today we have something special for you. You know our mission to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible. We cooperate with yoga teachers who embody exactly that message. We are therefor...
closed-loop Meditationskissen wird in die Luft gehalten
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The sustainable & right meditation pillow – 6 asanas with the hejhej-pillow

Finally, your real meditation pillow from hejhej. After the hejhej-bolster is very popular, but still many have wished for our closed-loop cushion also in a round, classic meditation pil...
Katja entspannt mit dem hejhej-bolster
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Accessible yoga for people with physical limitations – a guest article by Katja Sandschneider

Here we would like to share a guest article by Katja Sandschneider with you. We were very happy to share some important lines from Katja with you on the occasion of our new Youtube ...
Eine Katonah Rückbeuge auf der hejhej-mat
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Katonah yoga metaphors

Teaching Katonah Yoga Metaphors in German – that doesn’t happen very often. We recorded our latest YouTube videos with Steffi Grube from the This is Holy Yoga Studio in Cologne Germany. Today...
Chair yoga for seniors
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Yoga for seniors with my grandma

Yoga for seniors is a wonderful type of yoga that takes place primarily on the chair. I love practicing with my grandma this way. On my last visit, we practiced yoga on a chair together. Even in ...
Inklusives Yoga im Rollstuhl mit Mechthild. Hier erfährst du spannende Ansätze und Tipps.
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Inclusive Yoga with Mechthild Kreuser

hejhej is committed to inclusive yoga. On our journey to make yoga more inclusive, we get to learn from many people. Here we have an exciting interview for you from Mechthild from Cologne. We film...
Drei Augenkissen liegen nebeneinander
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The hejhej-eyepillow – a sustainable eye pillow in cooperation with Nyuzi Blackwhite

Savasana is certainly a Sanskrit word that most often gets stuck during a yoga session. The lying asana at the end of a yoga practice. Here you can relax completely. Do you also love it when it’s ...
Katonah Yoga Klasse in Berlin
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Katonah Yoga – an introduction

The first time we became aware of Katonah Yoga was through our hejhej partner studio Original Feelings in Berlin. We all found the practice very special because it is clearly different from other ...
hejhej-bolster in einer Reihe auf einem nachhaltigen Yoga Retreat
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Sustainable Yoga Retreats with hejhej-mats

Values are a very important thing for us in the company. Decisions, questions and also internal steps are decided by us according to the most important criterion of sustainability. Our remote team...
Yoga für die Handgelenke
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Yoga for the wrists

Maybe you just clicked on this article because you know the feeling that after a few sun salutations, your wrists are crying out for relief?! Maybe you landed on this article because you want to b...
Surfen und Yoga
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Surfing and Yoga

Yoga often doesn’t just stand alone, but is a super balancing programme for many sports. Zoé tells us today why surfing and yoga go so well together for her and even has a few yoga exercises to su...
Yogalehrerin Nina sitzt auf dem hejhej-Kissen mit einer Klangschale.
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What is Tantric Hatha Yoga? An Interview with Nina Kamran

Again and again, we are inspired by the content and topics of yoga teacher Nina Kamran. Thereby, we came across Tantric Hatha Yoga and were directly quite curious about what is behind it. How is i...
Yoga für Menschen mit Einschränkungen Fotoshooting mit Nico
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Yoga with limitations – is that possible?

Today we introduce you to all the great and inspiring people we have already worked with. Whether photoshooting, shooting videos or writing journal articles together. We are very proud and super h...
Der hejhej-strap wird an der Schnalle gerade geöffnet und im Hintergrund ist die helle hejhej-mat zu sehen
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Exercises with strap and meditation pillow

According to the yoga philosophy, every asana, i.e. physical exercise you are in, should be as comfortable and cosy as possible. You should be able to breathe in peace and relax all the muscles th...
Eine Yogalehrerin auf der hejhej-mat
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Grounding – How yoga teacher Dom grounds herself

Yoga teacher Dominika Koprdova lives in Copenhagen and knows the need to find grounding in the hustle and bustle of urban life – today she shares her very own grounding tips with you. We hope her ...
supported shoulderstand with the back on the hejhej-bolster and the hands over the head
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Patanjali’s eight-limbed path – A spiritual path to freedom?

We love exploring the yogic world with you. Today we would like to describe Patanjali’s path to you because we always find an incredible amount of applicable truths in ancient yogic scriptures, wh...
Ein Mann liegt auf dem Meditationskissen und dem Bolster mit dem Kopf
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Blind Yoga – A chat with Johann Mühlbauer

We are very happy to tell you a little bit more about Blind Yoga here. We met Johann Mühlbauer in Nuremberg and are very inspired by his zest for life, motivation and everyday life. Together we ha...