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The sustainable & right meditation pillow – 6 asanas with the hejhej-pillow

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Finally, your real meditation pillow from hejhej. After the hejhej-bolster is very popular, but still many have wished for our closed-loop cushion also in a round, classic meditation pillow shape, this month, November 2022, the time has finally come. We now have a round meditation pillow. Closed-loop and well thought-out down to the smallest detail. The hejhej-pillow is identical to the hejhej-bolster. We are just so happy with our partners, so we are happy to have designed a new product with them. We also want to build our partnerships in a long-term and sustainable way. We have just the right meditation pillow for you – closed-loop and thought out down to the smallest detail.

hejhej-pillow meditation pillow

The fabrics are made from organic cotton, recycled cotton and hemp. The filling is made from organic and regional husk breakages. The entire production takes place in Germany. We have described more about the components in a very detailed article about the hejhej-bolster. There you will also find out why the regional organic husk filling is so special. Have you noticed that the hejhej-husk filling is now also available separately? So you can simply fill your hejhej-pillow to your desired firmness or replace your entire filling at the end to use the meditation pillow as long as possible. Since there is always a lot to tell about our product development, we have recorded a separate documentary for the closed-loop Yoga Bolster. There you can see how a classic hejhej product development is structured, what questions we ask and what sustainability really means to us.

When developing your hejhej meditation pillow, we paid extra attention to the right height (approx. 28 cm) and fluffiness. Due to the husk, the seat cushion fits perfectly to your seat and you can really meditate on it.

More than “just meditation”

But a meditation pillow can be used for much more than “just meditating”. In our hejhej Youtube channel, for example, we have recorded a meditation pillow flow for you and more videos with the hejhej-pillow will follow. Here we would like to introduce you to 6 classic asanas that you can try out directly with your hejhej-pillow. For these exercises, you only need your hejhej-mat and your hejhej-pillow. Have fun trying it out!

6 exercises with your right meditation pillow

1. Yogi Squat

Malasana or also called Yogi Squad is a wonderful hip opener – but sometimes it can be very intense. Interestingly, Malasana belongs to the forward bends, as the focus is on the forward flexion of your hip joint. Take the weight off your ankles, knees and hips by sitting on your meditation pillow. Make sure that your back stays as long as possible. The wonderful thing about this alternative is that you get the same effect as in your classic Yogi Squat. You feel connected to the earth and your basic trust – peace sets in. Especially in the variation on your pillow, you can let yourself fall completely into the asana.

Yogi Squat auf dem hejhej-pillow mit Hönden in der Namaste Haltung

2. Variation of the boat

Navasana, the boat asana, strengthens your centre and your self-confidence. It’s an ideal exercise to strengthen your straight and side abdominal muscles – even with your hands on your legs. You can alternately loosen one arm and then the other? For one thing, it’s super comfortable on your buttocks when you’re practising your boat on the meditation pillow. Secondly, sitting on your soft cushion and trying to balance on it can challenge your sense of balance even more. You decide how big the angle between thighs and belly is – how gentle or intense you want to exercise today.

Frau balanciert lachend auf dem hejhej Meditationskissen

3. Lateral stretch

The wide heel seat on the cushion is the ideal basis for a really pleasurable lateral stretch. You relieve your ankles and knees as your weight rests on the cushion and you give yourself stability for your stretches through the wide-open knees.

Start straight up in the centre of your body. Then bring one hand to the floor and pull the other arm along the ear, above your head. While doing this, push the ischial tuberosity firmly into the cushion again on the side you are pulling long so that you use your full potential and notice how more space is created between the individual ribs.

Seitliche Öffnung auf dem richtigen Meditationskissen von hejhej

4. Supported shoulder stand

You may also know the inverted pole pose as supported shoulder stand, sarvangasana. You can come into this exercise from the shoulder bridge by lifting your buttocks, resting the meditation pillow against your lower back/buttocks and then slowly resting on it. Make sure your shoulder girdle and arms are relaxed and your neck is long and without folds. Feel yourself sinking into your yoga mat. You stretch your feet towards the ceiling, feeling how more blood can now flow to the heart. This posture harmonises and gives peace. After a long day on your feet or just when you feel like it.

Frau liegt mit ihrem Po auf dem Meditationskissen und streckt die Beine Richtung Decke

5. Puppy Pose – heart-opening

Anahata Asana, the Melting Heart, as it is called in Yin, or simply Puppy Pose stretches your shoulders and opens the front of your body, especially your heart space. It is super comfortable and no less effective if you rest your chest at the level of your collarbones. Take time to sink fully into the opening. Puppy Pose also mobilises your middle and lower back. An ideal exercise for anyone who sits a lot (at the computer) in everyday life, because it straightens you up and gives you a great, open posture.

Entspannende Übung mit dem hejhej-pillow

6. Child’s posture with meditation pillow under the head

The child’s pose or garbhasana – the safe haven in every yoga class? Whenever you feel like a break, you can find yourself here, reflect or feel inside. When you open your knees wide you stretch your hips and give your upper body and abdomen more space. Resting your head on the meditation pillow allows your back to stay longer and your forehead to rest softly.

Kindstelluung mit dem Kopf auf dem Meditationskissen

Have fun trying it out. Do you already have a meditation pillow at home or would you like to order one of our new hejhej-pillows directly? We hope these 6 exercises inspire you and you feel grounded and calm afterwards. Always feel free to write us your thoughts!