hejhej-husk (refill)


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Delivery Time: 3-4 working days / express: 1-2 working days
  • Certified organic grain husk filling
  • Mixture of spelt and emmer husks
  • Add some more filling to your hejhej-bolster (1 kg) or refresh your complete filling (4 kg)
  • From Franconia, Germany
  • Natural product, recyclable in compost or organic waste bin

Pure yoga pillow husk filling for a new filling of the hejhej-bolster or as a supplement for your current yoga bolster or the hejhej-pillow meditation pillow. The husk filling gives you exactly the fullness and firmness you want in your yoga pillow.

Production and quality

  • The filling is from our certified partner Bioland farm very close to us.
    • You support organic farming and thus a sustainable way of farming.
  • It is a mixture of organic spelt and organic emmer husk breakage – the exact composition varies with each batch.
  • Husk breakage is a natural material that naturally occurs in abundance.
    • As a result, it is extremely resource-saving and does not take any additional valuable natural resources from our environment.
  • Husk breakage can be traced back 100% into the biological cycle and can be disposed of on the compost or in the organic waste.

The hejhej-bolster lies open on the floor and you see the yoga pillow filling

Variations 1 and 4 kg

  • The 1 kg version is perfect if you want to fill your bolster or meditation pillow a bit fuller.
  • The 4 kg variation is about a whole filling of the hejhej-bolster. If your bolster has lost a lot of its firmness after a long period of use, you can refill it again like new with this variation.
  • You get your yoga pillow filling completely plastic-free in a recycled paper bag and climate neutral sent to your home.
  • The husks can be 100% decomposed at any time via the biological cycle. You can put them in your home compost or in the organic waste bin.

A look into the opening of the hejhej bolster so you can see the yoga pillow filling.

The hejhej-bolster or hejhej-pillow is not included with this order

  • The yoga pillow filling is for the hejhej-bolster or the hejhej-pillow.
  • Yoga pillows support your practice and can be the perfect companion in both quiet and active yoga styles.
  • The high-quality organic husk filling gives you outstanding stability and structure to support you in yoga asanas.

A woman lies comfortably on the hejhej-bolster

You can read more about our partner Bioland Farm in an extra article here.


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