Eine Frau schaut mit Zuversicht in die Zukunft - Wirkungsbericht von hejhej 2023
circular economy

Impact Report Nr. 4 - your impact 2023

For the past year 2023, we have once again summarised all our impact for you as transparently as possible. The impact on this world that we make together WITH YOU. Our hejhej-community is a very la...
Die Natürliche Wohltat: Nachhaltiges und regionales Traubenkernkissen
all about yoga

The natural treat: sustainable and regional grape seed pillow

The hejhej-eyepillow eye pillow is filled with regional grape seeds. Here we tell you another application of the social pillow and why you should definitely try warming up or cooling down. The natu...
Die Suffizienzstrategie bei hejhej
circular economy

The sufficiency strategy – what does it mean?

Ein schöner Eingang eines Hauses lässt deinen Blick sanft werden
circular economy

Circular Economy and Zero Waste

Have you ever thought about the connections and similarities between the two sustainability approaches Circular Economy and Zero Waste? What does Zero Waste have to do with our yoga mats? Making t...
Back to Nature Yoga Retreat auf den Lofoten 2023
ecological sustainability

Back to Nature Yoga Retreat in Lofoten 2023

We came back last week from our first ever hejhej-retreat . The Back To Nature yoga retreat in Lofoten was a co-creation together with TREVAREFABRIKKEN. We look back to some true magical days...
Drei Augenkissen liegen nebeneinander
all about yoga

The hejhej-eyepillow – a sustainable eye pillow in cooperation with Nyuzi Blackwhite

Savasana is certainly a Sanskrit word that most often gets stuck during a yoga session. The lying asana at the end of a yoga practice. Here you can relax completely. Do you also love it when it’s ...
Klicke hier um Inspirationen über das Element Wasser zu bekommen
ecological sustainability

A week with the element of water

Last week we took you on a very special week on Instagram: a theme week about the element of water. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM for short), water is associated with winter. During th...
Ein Halbmond lässt dich über das letzte Jahr nachdenken
circular economy

Impact Report No. 3 – Joyful but tough year 2022

Writing the impact report for the year 2022 is particularly difficult for us. The current time holds many challenges and yet many joyful things have happened again at hejhej. In the following, we ...
Eine Frau in einer kleinen Cabin am Yoga machen
ecological sustainability

Travel yoga

All of us in the hejhej-team love to travel. Yoga while travelling is just as much a part of it as delicious vegan food. For us, travelling means discovering new places, breaking out of our own co...
eine Frau trägt den Yoga Bolster - er kann ein super nachhaltiges Weihnachtsgeschenk für Yoga sein
ecological sustainability

Sustainable Christmas gifts for yoga – conscious giving

There are great sustainable Christmas gifts in general but you might want to give something appropriate to a Yogi:ni this year. Basically, it is very important to consider what your loved one can ...
Book about herbs and the hejhej spray
all about yoga

Yoga and Sustainability – You and the Niyamas

As you know, we like to look at yoga from a sustainable perspective and vice versa. After we have already dealt with the first five principles of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and interpreted the Ya...
Eine Woche voller Nachhaltigkeits Tipps von hejhej
ecological sustainability

Tips Sustainability – World Yoga Day 2022

On the 21st of June is World Yoga Day. We especially love to draw attention to yoga on this day and celebrate this day together with you. How nice that the longest day of the year also falls ...
Warum wir nicht mehr ein Baum pro Produkt pflanzen
ecological sustainability

One tree per product – Why we are critical regarding this claim

You are probably familiar with the advertising slogan “A tree is planted for every product” from numerous companies. Here we explain why we are critical of this claim and donate to a local foundat...
Der Wirkungsbericht von hejhej aus dem Jahr 2021
circular economy

hejhej’s Impact Report No. 2 – Ecological and Social Impact 2021

Promoting sustainability and creating impact is particularly close to our hearts at hejhej. All areas of the company are geared towards this. On our website, we have added the tab “sustainability”...
rote Katze liegt auf dem hejhej-bolster beim Landwirt zuhause
circular economy

What hejhej has in common with an organic farm – circular economy businesses

The circular economy is the most important building block of our company. A way of doing business that we live and thus show what is possible – a circular economy business. Like everythi...
diese helle recycelte Yogamatte steckt voll Abfällen und zeigt hejhej-mats Einfluss
circular economy

Biological and technical cycle – Circular Economy

Circular Economy – a quick introduction The circular economy holds the greatest sustainability potential for us. It is an alternative economy to the consumption of finite resources. In t...
Kenia und Sophie von hejhej pflanzen einen Baum
ecological sustainability

Dr. Günther Pfann Foundation x hejhej – Ecological Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. We decided to make a product-based donation from the very first product. This means that we donate 1€ of every product to a social/ecological initia...
Warum Yoga in deiner Periode schön ist
all about yoga

Move with your menstrual cycle

Meditation and yoga during your period can support your cycle and connect you more intensely with your body. We talked to various experts about tips and tricks for your period and shared valuable ...
zwei Yogis wirken reflektierend - genau wie unser Wirkungsbericht, der hejhej-mats Einfluss zeigt
ecological sustainability

hejhej’s impact report No. 1: how much waste did we save? how many children did we support in South Africa? and how many trees did we plant?

A sustainability report is not only for big companies but also for small companies to transparently report about its sustainability actions. Yet, we mostly know impact reports from big corporation...
Spelze fallen aus dem hejhej-Bolster raus
ecological sustainability

The sustainable yoga bolster

Right now, in a time of turbulence, confusion, global pain and frost in the morning, you may be striving for a yoga class that grounds you. Which offers you support to manage your everyday life fu...
Sehr bunte recycelte Yogablöcke.
ecological sustainability

A yoga block made out of flip-flops

This yoga block looks like a little piece of art, don’t you think? It actually is a piece of art – it is a handmade yoga block out of flip-flops – flip-flops collected on the coasts of Kenya. We o...