Back to Nature Yoga Retreat auf den Lofoten 2023

Back to Nature Yoga Retreat in Lofoten 2023

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We came back last week from our first ever hejhej-retreat . The Back To Nature yoga retreat in Lofoten was a co-creation together with TREVAREFABRIKKEN. We look back to some true magical days up North and we want to bring some magic to your home by sharing some impressions with you.

The two yoga teachers Hedda and Rina guided us through various unique, inspiring, and heart warming yoga classes, breath work sessions, and meditations. The vegan food was just incredible and daily sauna routines with a cold dip in the ocean afterwards were one of our highlights during our yoga retreat in Lofoten.

Unser Yoga Retreat auf den Lofoten

What we experienced on the Lofoten islands and what we brought back home is a close connection to nature. Trevarefabrikken is located in the midst of the mountain and the ocean. Raw and real nature. Wild ocean and arctic wind. Late afternoon sunsets.

Nature is what it is, nature does not value us as a person, nature does not judge. Nature sits through all that is coming up – day, night, clouds, storm, sun, rain. It experiences the change yet always stays itself. We are so inspired by nature and will try to think about this metaphor more often – in challenging times, and in good times. Maybe you want to remind yourself of that from time to time as well?

Wie Atmosphäre des hejhej Retreats wird durch vier einzelne Bilder dargestellt

All our yoga sessions took place in the most beautiful yoga room we have ever seen. Facing the ocean while practicing yoga was such a special experience. We were supported during all our yoga classes by our closed-loop hejhej-products. Trevarefabrikken already is our partner hotel for over three years. You can find our rather dark hejhej-mats, our yoga bolsters, blocks, and straps in their yoga shala. Our minimalistic Scandinavian design with pure and natural colors was fitting this place so well. All the products are closed-loop. They are made out of recycled materials and recyclable at the end of its lifespan. The products are all produced in Germany, making sure that C02 emissions are as low as possible. Our donation per product is a further add on. We do this all to make sure we protect nature as good as we can.

Das ganze hejhej-essentials Bundle auf den Lofoten in der Trevarefabrikken

Bring this calm and nature focused yoga practice into your home with ordering our hejhej-products. When ordering the hejhej-mat, bolster, block, and strap in a bundle you will save 32€. With our free access to our Yoga Channel, you can even practice with so many different, inspiring, and magical yoga teachers – all in a cosy and safe environment, your home. Our current favourite class is the restorative yoga class with Brooklyn – it’s slow, it’s grounding and it connects us with nature.

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Die atemberaubende Landschaft auf den Lofoten