The Design Hotel Miramonte is equipped with hejhej-mat's yoga mats.

Design Hotel Miramonte

The beautiful design hotel Miramonte in Bad Gastein (Austria) was one of our first supporters. Yoga is an important part of their philosophy. Our hejhej-mats are now part of the unique hotel and the yoga classes take place there on our sustainable yoga mats. Would you like to test our yoga mats in a breathtaking setting during a yoga class? Or are you still looking for a great mountain hotel for your next vacation? Then have a look at the Hotel Miramonte.

Hotel Miramonte
Reitlpromenade 3
5640 Bad Gastein


In a unique location directly on the wide sand dune in Dierhagen-Neuhaus, two exclusive wooden houses invite you to take a vacation and relax. With clear architecture and successful coloring, exclusive interior design and a technical equipment that leaves nothing to be desired. The houses are now also equipped with a hejhej-mat. Conscious yogis no longer have to compromise.

New Haus
Zwischen den Kiefern 18
18347 Dierhagen

Haus am See

A family-run boutique hotel in an incredibly beautiful location directly on Lake Constance: The Haus am See. It not only has the finest kitchens, a spa and offers for yoga, but also a private beach with direct access to the lake. So you now enjoy a yoga session, also on our sustainable hejhej-mats, and then enjoy cooling off in the lake. Sounds like the perfect vacation to us!

Haus am See
Uferstraße 23,
88149 Nonnenhorn (B)

The Daberer the bio hotel is now also equipped with completely ecological yoga mats from hejhej-mats.

Der Daberer

An organic hotel in the middle of nature. In the Gailtal, in the south of Austria. In the world’s first slow food travel region. It has been an organic hotel for decades and therefore a sustainability pioneer among hotels. The hotel has countless generous favorite places such as the natural spa or the yoga room equipped with hejhej-mats. The delicious food served at der Daberer is ecological and seasonal and made with ingredients from the region. A hotel for rest, relaxation, wellness and yoga.

Der Daberer
Biohotel Daberer GmbH
St. Daniel 32
9635 St. Daniel, Dellach im Gailtal, Austria

Hotel Ameron

The AMERON Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa is located at the feet of the royal castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.
With a view of the Alpsee, surrounded by forests and an extraordinary mountain panorama, nature and culture encounter at the Resort. In this beautiful setting, you can now also enjoy yoga sessions on the sustainable hejhej-mats.

Ameron Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa
Alpsee Street 21
87645 Hohenschwangau


The Eco-Luxury Hotel opened in 2004. It shows that a hotel can be eco-friendly. The water and energy usage is controlled, waste gets recycled and regional products are preferred. The employees live very close by so that they can even walk to work. There is almost no traffic on the terrain.
The pods are individually heated with a pellet oven and the view is one of a kind.

WHITEPOD Eco-Luxury Hotel & Restaurant
Route des Cerniers 100
1871 Monthey


Holiday homes in pure nature that are inspired by sustainability and design. The three Cabanas each hold space for 4 people and their dinner guests. It’s a getaway one hour south of Lisbon in a nature reserve. Image the warm scent of pine trees and salty breeze from the Atlantic Ocean while seamlessly coexisting with nature. Time to roll out your hejhej-mat, time to feel, time to be. Enjoy the tranquility and deep connection with nature!

c/o cabanas
Brejos da Carregueira de baixo, lote 79
7580-611 Comporta

The ROSSO is not a luxury hotel, rather a place for gathering.


The farm of possibilities, the Hotel Rosso in the Allgäu. Right within nature, a place to be, cook, spend time together. There is a studio, a library, a sauna. Spend time to your liking. Relax, or maybe start creating. Wander through the garden, count the fruit trees, say hi to the chickens, listen to bees buzzing or swing back and forth a little. Allow yourself to be in the moment. Experience a place that is designed to the wabi-sabi aesthetic philosophy. Richard R. Powell describes Wabisabi like that: “Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.”. Enrich the Rosso with your vibes and ideas. Whether you’re moving on your hejhej-mat or creating something particular, it’s up to you.

Oberhub 3
87452 Altusried

Wooden house interior with cosy atmosphere and a woman walking through the room

Mühle 10

At home in the woods. The wooden house in the east of Munich offers you a cosy and healthy room feeling in which you can feel at home. In the construction, special emphasis was placed on natural materials and minimalist furnishings. The house is clad in scrap wood that was taken down during various shed demolitions in the area. The house offers enough space for families. Let yourself be enchanted by this naturalistic design!

Mühle 10
Mühldorfer Straße 10
85646 Anzing near Munich