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Delivery Time: 3-4 working days / express: 1-2 working days
  • Material: hemp from organic cultivation (biodegradable)
  • Logo stitched by hand in workplaces for people with disabilities
  • The high quality buckle makes the belt easily adjustable
  • Length: 250 cm, width: approx. 4 cm
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The hejhej-strap yoga belt made from organic hemp – sustainable, ecological & social

  • Production with social value in Germany
    • hejhej is stitched individually on each belt by people with disabilities.
    • The yoga belt is sewn and packed in Germany in a workplace for people with disabilities and directly sent to you from there.
  • The yoga belt made from organic hemp
    • Hemp is far more sustainable compared to cotton because it requires significantly less water and can be grown almost anywhere.
    • 100% organic textiles – even the yarn is made from organic cotton
  • 100% recyclable
    • We take care of the recycling of the textile and also the buckles can be 100% recycled.
  • Easily adjustable
    • Thanks to the buckles, the hejhej-strap is easily adjustable so that it can optimally support you in any position.
  • For every hejhej-strap sold, we donate 1€ to Dr. Günther Pfann Foundation.
    • The foundation is committed to the preservation of biodiversity and natural habitats in our immediate environment in Franconia, for example by planting trees and hedges or seeding wildflower meadows


hejhej yoga strap socially made


We take responsibility:

  • Once your hejhej-strap has reached the end of its product life cycle, all parts are either biodegradable or recyclable.
  • The hemp belt is biodegradable (DIN EN 13432 – tested by an independent institute), you can cut it yourself into small pieces (approx. 10 cm) and either put it on your compost or in your organic waste bin.
  • We will take back the metal buckle free of charge. First and foremost, it is reused and thus flows into new hejhej-straps as a valuable resource. When this is no longer possible, it is processed into new metals using the functioning closed-loop system of metal recycling.
  • This way the materials get a new meaning again, there is no additional waste for our planet and you get a discount code for your next closed-loop purchase in our shop.


A man sits on the hejhej-mat and pulls his foot towards him with the yoga strap

The yoga belt made from organic hemp and your yoga practice

Are you still wondering whether a yoga belt is really the right accessory for your yoga practice? These yoga exercises with a yoga belt will definitely help you with your decision! A yoga belt can be used in many different asanas. It is a versatile tool for expanding and deepening your personal asana practice. No matter what level your yoga practice is at. A strap will help you align yoga postures more precisely. It will help you to intensify stretches. The yoga belt made from organic hemp not only helps you with your yoga exercises, it is also environmentally friendly. It is also made in Germany and embroidered by hand. The strap is sustainable, sleek and durable, making it the perfect accessory for your next yoga session!


hejhej yoga strap is embroidered by people with disabilities.


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