Nachhaltige Yoga Ausbildungen mit nachhaltigem Yoga Equipment
all about yoga

Sustainable yoga teacher trainings on hejhej-mats

Due to many questions and also our own research for sustainable yoga teacher trainings we have put together a list for you with yoga trainings from our hejhej-partner studios. This curated selectio...
Ayurveda in der Schwangerschaft
all about yoga

Ayurveda during your pregnancy

The empirical science of Ayurveda can support you during pregnancy. Below we have received a few practical tips from Nina Kamran, who supports her pregnancy with Ayurveda and yoga. In another journ...
Abendroutine und Ausgeglichen Sein mit Ernährung und Yoga
all about yoga

Discover the evening routine from María Eskitxabel

María has filmed videos for our new category on YouTube: hejhej-friends. This is where we introduce inspiring people. To give you the chance to get to know María better, we have prepared an intervi...
Jana erzählt dir über Yoga und Sound
all about yoga

Yoga and sound - guest article with Jana

From the first moment Jana captivated us with her sound meditation, hosting our ceremony for the Yoga Days, it was simply magical. That's why today, we want to delve into a conversation with Jana, ...
Yoga im Wochenbett - Gastartikel von Vanessa Simon
all about yoga

Yoga in the postpartum time - guest article by Vanessa Simon

Today we have a special type of yoga practice, namely the one in the postpartum period for you as a new mother after a birth. We are very grateful to partner with Vanessa , yoga teacher and doula, ...
Yoga im Winter und Herbst mit der Vata Zeit und dem hejhej Equipment
all about yoga

Yoga in autumn and winter

We have a brief article by Nina Kamran for you on the current season. Here you can find out how your yoga routine can support you in the autumn and winter seasons, the Vata time in Ayurveda. Why a...
Die Suffizienzstrategie bei hejhej
circular economy

The sufficiency strategy – what does it mean?

Ein schöner Eingang eines Hauses lässt deinen Blick sanft werden
circular economy

Circular Economy and Zero Waste

Have you ever thought about the connections and similarities between the two sustainability approaches Circular Economy and Zero Waste? What does Zero Waste have to do with our yoga mats? Making t...
Eine Katonah Rückbeuge auf der hejhej-mat
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Katonah yoga metaphors

Teaching Katonah Yoga Metaphors in German – that doesn’t happen very often. We recorded our latest YouTube videos with Steffi Grube from the This is Holy Yoga Studio in Cologne Germany. Today...
Back to Nature Yoga Retreat auf den Lofoten 2023
ecological sustainability

Back to Nature Yoga Retreat in Lofoten 2023

We came back last week from our first ever hejhej-retreat . The Back To Nature yoga retreat in Lofoten was a co-creation together with TREVAREFABRIKKEN. We look back to some true magical days...
hejhej-bolster in einer Reihe auf einem nachhaltigen Yoga Retreat
all about yoga

Sustainable Yoga Retreats with hejhej-mats

Values are a very important thing for us in the company. Decisions, questions and also internal steps are decided by us according to the most important criterion of sustainability. Our remote team...
yoga equipment für dein nachhaltiges hotel
mindful life

Yoga equipment for hotels and holiday homes

The range of our hejhej-partner hotels continues to grow. We are very happy to have so many wonderful hotels and accommodations as our partners. Again and again we get the question what is the bes...
yoga teacher alexa has her eyes closed and sits on her yoga mat

What is Human Design? An interview with Alexa Valentin

Through Instagram, we have often become aware of exciting people in the yoga world. This is also the case for the Austrian yoga teacher Alexa Valentin, who lives in Portugal and specialises i...
Midsommar feiern
mindful life

Midsommar celebration

On the 21st of June is the longest day of the year, it’s summer solstice. In Sweden, the Midsummer celebration ‘Midsommar‘ is celebrated on Friday and Saturday. Since hejhej was founded in Sw...
Zelte um einen Feuerplatz herum
entrepreneurial journey

Workation on the camping site – working in a remote team

Independence. Be free. For us, being able to work from anywhere is definitely one of the most beautiful ideas to shape our working day. We from the hejhej-team use this freedom and are always on t...
Surfen und Yoga
all about yoga

Surfing and Yoga

Yoga often doesn’t just stand alone, but is a super balancing programme for many sports. Zoé tells us today why surfing and yoga go so well together for her and even has a few yoga exercises to su...
Yogalehrerin Nina sitzt auf dem hejhej-Kissen mit einer Klangschale.
all about yoga

What is Tantric Hatha Yoga? An Interview with Nina Kamran

Again and again, we are inspired by the content and topics of yoga teacher Nina Kamran. Thereby, we came across Tantric Hatha Yoga and were directly quite curious about what is behind it. How is i...
Eine Auswahl der besten Yoga Unterkünfte
mindful life

The best yoga accommodations

We would like to provide you with a collection of the best yoga accommodations. All these selected cottages are equipped with hejhej-mats or further hejhej equipment. So nothing stands in the way ...
Klicke hier um Inspirationen über das Element Wasser zu bekommen
ecological sustainability

A week with the element of water

Last week we took you on a very special week on Instagram: a theme week about the element of water. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM for short), water is associated with winter. During th...
Eine Yogalehrerin auf der hejhej-mat
all about yoga

Grounding – How yoga teacher Dom grounds herself

Yoga teacher Dominika Koprdova lives in Copenhagen and knows the need to find grounding in the hustle and bustle of urban life – today she shares her very own grounding tips with you. We hope her ...
supported shoulderstand with the back on the hejhej-bolster and the hands over the head
all about yoga

Patanjali’s eight-limbed path – A spiritual path to freedom?

We love exploring the yogic world with you. Today we would like to describe Patanjali’s path to you because we always find an incredible amount of applicable truths in ancient yogic scriptures, wh...