Jana erzählt dir über Yoga und Sound

Yoga and sound - guest article with Jana

From the first moment Jana captivated us with her sound meditation, hosting our ceremony for the Yoga Days, it was simply magical. That's why today, we want to delve into a conversation with Jana, blending her knowledge of sound and yoga. Besides providing sound meditation, she also helps others find their way into this practice - sharing her expertise through sound training in Berlin and online. Don't miss out on experiencing what she offers.

Who is Jana ?

Meet me, Jana, a vibrant sound therapist nestled in the heart of Berlin. Alongside my dedication to the art of sound healing, I gracefully navigate my dual roles as both a student and instructor of Yoga.

What was your first yoga encounter with yoga and sound like?

My journey into the world of Yoga Asana began a decade ago, within the serene confines of a corporate Yoga class at my former workplace. However, it was my transformative experience in India that truly ignited my passion for Yoga and its profound connection to sound healing. Immersed in the spiritual haven of Rishikesh, the birthplace of Yoga, I delved deep into the ancient practices, emerging enriched with a profound understanding of both Yoga and the healing power of sound.

A girl is smiling with closed eyes and holds a sound bowl

What are the things you do first in the morning?

Each morning, I embrace the dawn with a ritual that sets the tone for my day. Awaking to the gentle hum of my "all-night pink noises," I ease into consciousness with a series of restorative stretches from the comfort of my bed. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand, I find solace in the wisdom of an inspiring book, setting the stage for a day filled with harmony and intention.

3 Tipps for your own yoga and sound at home

Here are three invaluable sound tips from me:

1. Immerse yourself in the soothing symphony of nature's sounds, a tonic for the soul that calms the nervous system.

2. Embrace the serenity of white, pink, or brown noises during the night, cocooning yourself in a blanket of tranquillity that muffles any disruptive background sounds.

3. Elevate your meditation practice by integrating healing sounds, guiding you effortlessly into a state of profound relaxation and focus.

With my guidance, the harmonious fusion of sound and Yoga becomes a transformative journey towards inner peace and holistic well-being.

Thank you dear Jana for your inspiring words into the exciting world of yoga and sound. We can't wait to dive deeper into this world!

Tip from the hejhej-team

For deeper relaxation, we love to spray the hejhej-spray on the eye pillow. Then lie directly in bed or on a yoga mat with a yoga bolster under your knees and the eye pillow over your eyes. The light pressure on the temples intensifies the relaxing effect of the sounds. Your body can lie completely relaxed and really enjoy it!

Here you can find Jana's Instagram Live: Treat your senses to a sound bath

A girl is doing a yoga asana