Eine Frau schaut mit Zuversicht in die Zukunft - Wirkungsbericht von hejhej 2023

Impact Report Nr. 4 - your impact 2023

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For the past year 2023, we have once again summarised all our impact for you as transparently as possible. The impact on this world that we make together WITH YOU. Our hejhej-community is a very large part and without you, none of this would be possible. When we add up these donations at the end of the year, we realise again and again why we do our work day after day. The impact on this world is the reason for us. It is precisely these initiatives that we support and the resources that we save to enable as many people as possible to practise yoga sustainably.

What major events did we have in 2023

Here are a few selected events that we were able to experience at hejhej 2023.

(1) Wonderful Youtube shootings in Nuremberg and Cologne

This year we have once again dedicated ourselves to our Youtube channel. Two super nice shootings in Nuremberg at the Hotel Melter and in Cologne at the Thisisholy Studio. We are very happy about the various enriching classes that were created here. Very special are the classes Yoga in Sign Language with Lemonia and Inclusive Yoga with Mechthild Kreuser. The two blog articles are linked where you can find out more about Lemonia and Mechthild. We have also recorded new Katonah classes with Steffi - this time even in German!

You can also watch them directly on Youtube: @hejhejmats!

(2) B-WARE special offer on our website

Our first own B-WARE hejhej-mat promotion on our website was successful and in demand. All mats were sold out within a few days. We are happy that you are so satisfied with yoga mats with minor defects. For us, this is the most sustainable way, because these B-WARE yoga mats are still great for use in yoga and we don't want to recycle them directly. Stay tuned - the next campaign will take place soon. The best way to stay informed is via our newsletter - sign up for the hejhej-news here.

(3) Nomination for the German Sustainability Award 2024

Another exciting news was that we were nominated for the German Sustainability Award. Without an application! We were absolutely delighted when we received the news that Patagonia had won in our category. For us, the nomination was already a valuable honour. 

(4) Winner of the yoga mat test by the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)

We were delighted to hear that we were the winners of the Süddeutsche Zeitung SZ yoga mat test. A comprehensive test with many different yoga mat brands. If you have a SZ Plus subscription, you can read the article here.

Winner of the yoga mat test from a famous german newspaper (SZ)

(5) BACK TO NATURE Retreat Trevarefabrikken at the Lofoten island

We had been talking about our retreat for a long time. We were all the happier when we were finally allowed to board the night train to Lofoten. We were able to spend some super special days here in an incredible landscape with great people. Trevarefabbriken is a special hejhej-partner hotel and has the most beautiful yoga room we can imagine. To keep this impact report as short as possible, please read our article about the yoga retreat on the Lofoten Islands.

(6) New hejhej Website

The biggest and longest internal project for us in 2023 was the new hejhej website. We experienced many ups and downs and learnt even more in the process. We are incredibly proud of our new website and the fact that it offers you an even easier experience. Of course, we are particularly happy that the effort has paid off and we can see it in our sales.

(7) hejhej-team changes

This year, the hejhej team was also allowed to change a little. We are happy about new input and ideas in the marketing area - perhaps you have already noticed this yourself. We are a completely remote team and can therefore work from anywhere. In 2023, we had wonderful offline experiences, grew together and produced unique content for you. We are particularly looking forward to this again in 2024!


For the sixth year now, we have donated to the Earth Child Project (ECP) in Africa with a clear conscience for every hejhej-mat sold. They are committed to yoga and environmental education in townships in Cape Town. You can read more about the project in a previous impact report.

In 2023, we were able to donate €1,100 to the ECP. This will support 45 children with weekly yoga classes and 31 children with weekly environmental education classes.

For every hejhej-bag, hejhej-strap, hejhej-bolster, hejhej-pillow and hejhej-spray sold, we donate to the ecological Dr Günther Pfann Foundation. You can read more about this Franconian foundation in the detailed article.

In 2023, we were able to donate €500 to the Dr Günther Pfann Foundation. The money will be used for bee hotels on the bee flowering meadows in the Nuremberg region.

For every eye pillow sold, we donate to the Kenyan initiative Nyuzi Blackwhite. You can read all about this initiative in our detailed article about the eye pillow.

In 2023, we were able to donate €261 to Nyuzi Blackwhite. This money will be used to support the training centre and residential home.

Yoga mat donations

In 2023, we have once again launched a buy one donate one special event at hejhej. For every hejhej-mat sold, we donate a yoga mat to a project that can use it. This year, we donated 25 yoga mats to three different initiatives across Germany.

We donated 5 yoga mats to a day centre for the homeless in HAMBURG. The centre provides medical care, lockers, hot drinks and a kitchen for cooking.

We donated 10 yoga mats to a residential home in AUGSBURG for women and girls aged 17 and over who temporarily do not want to live in a mixed-gender community, e.g. after experiencing violence, abuse, eating disorders, etc. They receive intensive care and live in individual accommodation. They receive intensive care and live in individual flats in a house with a garden in the centre of Augsburg.

We have donated 10 yoga mats to an inclusive youth project for people with and without disabilities in BOCHUM: gerthi-cool. Everyone is invited to celebrate together, cook, go on excursions, practise yoga and much more.

You can find a detailed article about this buy one donate one campaign in our journal.

hejhej-pillow is hold by a person


Through recycling and our take-back system, all the resources of hejhej-products are saved again and again. So what resources did we save in 2023?


In 2023, we saved a total of approx. 3,259 kg of foam offcuts from the hejhej-mats yoga mats, approx. 1.5 kg per mat. In addition, there are 279 kg of foam offcuts from the hejhej yoga blocks, approx. 0.7 kg per block.


The filling of the hejhej-bolster and hejhej-pillows is made from husk residues from agriculture. In this way, we give harvest residues a high-quality life in new products.

In 2023, we were able to use around 1,348 kg of husk thanks to the hejhej-bolster. For the meditation pillows, we gave an additional 144 kg of husks a new life.


Similarly, the filling of the hejhej-eyepillows consists of grape seeds, which are also harvest residues that are not normally processed further. In 2023, we gave approx. 25.84 kg of grape seeds a new life. That's approx. 0.19 kg per eye pillow.


In addition, we save valuable resources by using recycled cotton in the hejhej-bolsters and hejhej-pillows. We also use cotton offcuts for eye pillow production. The offcuts are produced in a sewing factory in Kenya. Unfortunately, these quantities of fabric are very difficult to measure, which is why we do not have any exact figures for you here.

the materials saved in 2023 and made visual


On our YouTube channel we take you into the world of yoga. Our goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone. With selected partners and yoga teachers, we produce high-quality yoga classes in various yoga styles. From the very beginning, for example, we have integrated barrier-free classes and yoga for the blind. We are proud to keep expanding this offer. So far we have:

Here you can find a playlist with all inclusive yoga classes.


We are especially grateful this year for all the great hejhej-partners who have chosen to work with us. This collaboration is just so important to us and we are proud to look at such a great list of yoga studios, shops and hotels across Europe.

A special thanks goes to these three great hotels with whom we were able to create a co-branded hejhej-mat. The Bären Mellau and Genussdorf Gmachl in Austria. The d'Kammer in Bavaria and the Neptunbad in Cologne. And the Melter Hotel & Apartments in Nuremberg, with whom we were also able to shoot great Youtube videos.


For six years now, hejhej has been growing together with you and we have been able to continuously increase our impact. As you are part of this, we want to show you all the figures transparently this year.

With hejhej, we have saved a total of 22,143 kg of foam, donated 183 yoga mats, planted 5,134 trees (for €5,134), donated €19,496 to the ECP in Cape Town, €850 to the Kenyan project Nyuzi Blackwhite and €3,141 to Dr Günther Pfann's Franconian foundation. We were therefore able to donate a total of around 28,621 euros.

our donations in total made visual


We thank you for this year 2023 - all the ups and downs we were able to experience. We continue to stand for a circular future, and right now it is more important than ever to think about a positive future and to hold on to this great mission. Together we will continue to grow and increase the hejhej-impact!

Here you see the full impact report in a PDF