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Buy One, Donate One Vol. 3 – Social sustainability at hejhej through mat donations for good causes

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Our third buy one donate one starts today. Three great projects in Germany are now waiting for our hejhej-mat mat donation. During the next days, we are going to donate 25 hejhej-mats.

How does it work?

It’s very simple: you buy a hejhej-mat and we donate one. Be active – just use the code donateone when checking out. For the donations of the hejhej-mats we have chosen three organisations in Germany this time. All contribute enormously to social sustainability and we make a difference in the lives of individuals with the mat donations.

our donation in germany

Hamburg, St. Pauli

5 hejhej-mats yoga mats will be donated to a day meeting place for homeless people in Hamburg, St. Pauli. Medical care, lockers, hot drinks and a kitchen for cooking are available here. Once the hejhej-mats arrive, people can try yoga there in a safe space. Yoga is preventive health care.

Augsburg, city center

10 yoga mats will be donated to a residential home for women and girls aged 17 and older who temporarily do not want to live in a mixed-gender community, e.g. after experiencing violence, abuse, eating disorders, etc. They receive intensive care and live in individual flats in a house with a garden in the centre of Augsburg. Yoga also has an effect here on preventive health care and well-being in everyday life. Through the (re)discovery of body awareness, women and girls have the chance to find their way back to themselves and thus go through life more confidently.

Bochum, Gerthe

Another 10 yoga mats will be donated to an inclusive youth project for people with and without disabilities in Bochum: gerthi-cool. Everyone is invited to celebrate together, cook, go on excursions, practice yoga and much more. Yoga creates connection and intensifies interpersonal relationships.

Doing good together

Just recently we shared our Impact Report No. 3 with you. All our good deeds would not be possible without you, our customers, and our community. So for our third buy one donate one, we are trusting that we’ll again do good together. Our goal of making yoga accessible to as many people as possible is furthered by this mat donation. YOU contribute to this with your purchase of the hejhej-mat. Simply enter the code donateone when checking out and we will donate a yoga mat.

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