Yogamatten Spende für Trauma Seminare in München

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Even though the war in Ukraine is no longer a daily topic in the media, refugees are still arriving here. We are very happy to have received an enquiry from the social counselling service at the first point of contact in Munich. Dachauerstraße is the first point of contact for refugees from Ukraine in Munich and Upper Bavaria. A new project has just been set up there that we are able to support with yoga mats. The social counselling service is currently in the process of organising free seminars on the topic of trauma preparation for refugees via a training academy. Some yoga mats are urgently needed for this.

Yoga Session for refugees

Yoga mats for residents

Around 30 people/families from Ukraine are still arriving at this initial reception centre in Munich every day. The centre currently accommodates around 700 people (families, single parents and their children, vulnerable people, and war-disabled people). People often have to wait there for a while before being allocated to other centres. Waiting is of course extremely unpleasant, which is why the social counselling helpers try to bridge this time. 

We are very enthusiastic about the new trauma preparation project and think there is no better place to start than right at the beginning of the arrival in Germany. That's why we are very happy to support the trauma educators with the hejhej-mats so that the programme can take full effect. The problem with this project is that the residents are not yet fully registered in Germany and the city is therefore not yet making as much money available here. The organization is therefore dependent on donations to implement social projects here.

buy one donate one

The social counselling service is dependent on donations

We have therefore decided to dedicate our annual buy one done one campaign to this project. For one week, we will donate a yoga mat to Ukraine's initial contact centre for refugees in Munich for every yoga mat purchased. The more we get together, the more people can take part in the trauma seminars at the same time. Will you help us?

In the week from 15 to 21 April, donate a yoga mat for every one you buy

Are you currently looking for a yoga mat? You can easily order your own hejhej-mat in our shop. You don't need to do anything else and your donation will be counted automatically.


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