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Yoga equipment for hotels and holiday homes

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The range of our hejhej-partner hotels continues to grow. We are very happy to have so many wonderful hotels and accommodations as our partners. Again and again we get the question what is the best yoga equipment for a hotel or holiday flat. Therefore, we would like to give you a detailed answer here. Whether you own or work for a hotel or holiday home. Maybe you also have a favourite hotel where you like to go and you would absolutely practice yoga on the hejhej-mats.

Why yoga equipment in hotels

Our overriding goal is to live and spread sustainability. The decisions at hejhej are all made according to this criterion. For us, preventive health care goes hand in hand with sustainable living. The spread of yoga, and thus the social prevention of health, is our mission. Making yoga accessible to all has become an increasingly important goal for us over the course of our start-ups. Both the diversity in marketing and the accessibility of online yoga for all are important implementation steps for us. That’s why we have a variety of yoga sessions on our YouTube channel @hejhejmats, so there’s something for everyone. Especially our videos for accessible yoga, blind yoga, yoga on a chair or in a wheelchair.

Preventive health care

This is exactly why we are so happy to be able to present such a variety of partner hotels and accommodations. We want to reach as many people as possible. Because what we have noticed, yoga is spreading more and more. The demand for yoga is growing steadily. Especially during holidays or holidays, people have time to pursue or try out (active) hobbies. Often, not much is needed for this. How about a yoga mat rental at your favourite hotel? For us, this offer is part of preventive health care.

Sustainable hotel or holiday home

What is a sustainable hotel? And how can you really communicate the sustainable steps of your hotel? Here we would like to introduce you to a platform that addresses these very questions: The Sustainable Hotel. Here you can get direct (free) help and individual advice on how to implement sustainability in your hotel. The woman-owned, Swiss company MAp is B-Corp certified. Since we pay attention to sustainability when choosing our hejhej-partner hotels, we are big fans of this idea.

The interior you choose reflects the values of your hotel or accommodation. By choosing a truly sustainable and circular yoga mat, you position yourself in the market. If you can identify with the values of hejhej, it makes sense to choose responsible interior.

The hejhej yoga equipment is the ideal choice for hotels that want to integrate sustainability into their concept. With our products, they can not only offer their guests an exceptional yoga experience, but also realise their environmental goals. Hotels that choose hejhej can be proud to provide their guests with an eco-friendly yoga experience and actively contribute to the protection of our environment.

Yoga room in the hotel

The classic is certainly a separate yoga room in the hotel, equipped with yoga equipment. If you are looking for ideas for implementation or examples, please feel free to contact us. The hotel’s own yoga offer is certainly a nice reason for it to stand out from those in the region. You might think that if there is no separate yoga room, there is no possibility of integrating a yoga offer at your place. Below we have two more ideas for you on how you can easily offer yoga in your hotel concept.

Yoga mat rental

Your hotel or holiday home is not designed for yoga? You don’t have a yoga or sports room? No problem at all. Many of our partners simply offer the hejhej-mats for rent. Either included in the price or for a small surcharge. Many, however, want to offer even more service and place the hejhej-mats directly in the hotel room or flat. For example, our partner hotel Melter in Nuremberg has a hejhej-mat with a co-branded label in each of the 70 apartments. We are so happy with this cooperation that we were also happy to organise a video shoot here for our YouTube channel. More on this below.

Yoga equipment at the hotel shop

Many of our hejhej-partner hotels also sell yoga equipment directly on site. This is a great opportunity for guests to test the yoga mats and then take their own right on the spot. We get a lot of good feedback here. At the same time, we recommend our partner hotel network to our customers, as we receive repeated enquiries about testing the yoga products.

But what yoga equipment do I need for my hotel?

We will be happy to advise you individually on what you can best use for your hotel or holiday home. It doesn’t take much. The most important thing is the yoga mat. To make yoga accessible to all, yoga equipment is ideal. Yoga bolsters or meditation pillows are ideal for quieter styles. Not only meditation can be done with the cushions. They are also ideal as a seat, reading or breastfeeding pillow. Plus point for your hotel is definitely that the outer cushion cover is easily removable and can be washed with the washing machine. Durability is also an integral part of our development. This way you can easily refill the yoga bolster or meditation pillow with separate husks when the filling has collapsed after a few years. To complete the yoga routine, the yoga blocks and yoga strap are ideal. This way, beginners can easily try out these props and practise many yoga exercises.

A very good and simple option is the hejhej-essentials Bundle. Here we have put together a great selection of yoga equipment for you, consisting of yoga mat, yoga block, yoga bolster and yoga strap.

hejhej-essentials Bundle perfekt für ein nachhaltiges hotel

Cleaning the hejhej-mat

There is already something about the washability of yoga bolsters and meditation pillows in the section above. The hejhej yoga mats are also super easy to clean. The closed-pored surface does not allow liquids to penetrate. On the one hand, this is hygienic and, on the other, an important factor for longevity. The surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Alternatively, we also have the hejhej-spray, which is good for this.

Video shoot for youtube yoga classes

We recently did a YouTube shoot with one of our partner hotels Melter Hotels and Apartments in Nuremberg. This is also a great way of working together. We filmed yoga classes for our YouTube channel with our videographer Steve and a yoga teacher in a flat. At the same time, the hotel can use these videos, further snippets and photos for marketing purposes. The yoga classes can then be used directly by the guests on the hejhej-mats in the hotel. For this purpose, QR codes are installed in the rooms, which lead directly to the Youtube playlist. The beauty of it is that this very video was shot in this hotel room. This is a wonderful opportunity to anchor a yoga offer in the hotel or directly set up a large yoga room. Would that fit in your hotel? Then just drop us a line.

yogamatte und yogablock für ein hotel in nürnberg


Another wonderful opportunity for cooperation is the co-branding of hejhej-mats. The two brand names are woven onto the hejhej-mat hemp label in a very high quality. Therefore, this option is only possible from a certain purchase quantity. If you would like more information about this, just drop us a line.

co-branding für deine yogamatte im hotel

Still looking for a sustainable hotel with yoga mats for your next holiday? Then check out our list of the best sustainable hotels and the best sustainable accommodation. We wish you lots of relaxation and great experiences!