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Special Edition: hejhej-mat XXL as family yoga mat and rowing machine mat

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Imagine finally having enough space to enjoy your yoga practice without restrictions. Your yoga mat is not only sustainable, but also extra long and offers you and your family the comfort you deserve. A real family yoga mat. We present you the special edition: hejhej-mat XXL - 2.30 meters of pure freedom and sustainability.

Even more space for you and your practice

You've probably experienced this before: When doing many yoga poses or exercises on the rowing machine, you quickly reach the limits of a normal yoga mat. A few days ago we did a survey on Instagram to see if you were interested in an extra long yoga mat. Since so many people are really looking for one, we now have a special edition - only while stocks last!

With the hejhej-mat XXL, these space problems are a thing of the past. With a length of 2.30 m and a width of 65 cm, it offers you the space you need to fully concentrate on your practice. Whether you are tall or simply love extra comfort, this mat is perfect for you! Also perfect as a family yoga mat and rowing machine mat.

Sustainability meets comfort

Our hejhej-mat XXL is not only great for your practice, but also for the environment. Each mat is 100% produced in Germany, CO2-neutral in a production hall that is powered by solar energy. Around 1.9 kg of foam scraps are recycled per hejhej-mat, which saves valuable resources and gives them a new life. The closed product cycle ensures that these resources are recycled again and again into new yoga mats and yoga blocks . You can send the hejhej-mat back to us for recycling free of charge and receive a 15% discount code for your next closed-loop purchase.

An all-round talent for the whole family - family yoga mat and rowing machine pad

The hejhej-mat XXL is not just for you alone. It is ideal for the whole family. Practice yoga with your children or your baby on a mat that offers enough space for everyone. Whether it is yoga with a baby, yoga with a child or for your postnatal exercise - this family yoga mat is a great companion. We have just filmed a YouTube children's yoga class for you - stay tuned, it will be online soon!

And the best thing about it: The mat is also perfect as a base for your rowing machine . The floor protection mat protects your floor, provides a non-slip base when rowing and dampens the noise of the water during training. After your training session, you can simply wipe the mat with a slightly damp cloth. The closed-pore surface ensures that no sweat or other liquids penetrate the material. This makes your mat not only hygienic, but also much more durable. Rolled up and with the hejhej band (included in delivery), it is easy to store.

Since most rowing machine manufacturers do not focus on the floor protection mat, we are very happy to offer you a sustainable and high-quality option here.

For us, sustainable products always mean versatile applications for you!

Quality you can feel

With a thickness of 5 mm, the hejhej-mat XXL offers comfortable cushioning for your knees and spine, while remaining firm enough to give you the balance and stability you need. The closed, structured surface does not absorb sweat and offers you unique grip - so you can concentrate fully on your practice.

Unique details and sustainable materials

Each hejhej-mat is unique. The bright colors of the speckles vary depending on production and make each mat unique. The XXL hejhej-mat is available in a darker color . The logo on the hejhej-mat is made of biodegradable hemp and is sewn on in collaboration with workshops for people with disabilities. These workshops also package your hejhej-mat plastic-free and send it directly to you in a climate-neutral way.

Including hejhej-band and matching hejhej-bag

So that you can easily store and transport your mat, we provide you with a hejhej band made of organic cotton. And for perfect protection on the go, there is the matching hejhej bag in our online shop.

Doing good with every mat

With every hejhej-mat you buy, you support the EarthChild Project. 1€ per mat goes to this wonderful NGO that gives children in the townships of Cape Town access to yoga and environmental education.

The hejhej-mat XXL is not just a mat - it is a statement for sustainability, comfort and community. Get your special edition now and experience yoga on a new level. But be quick: This limited edition is only available while stocks last. Take the next step for yourself and the environment!

Have fun on your new mat!