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Online yoga with hejhej-partner studios

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Online yoga has proven to be a real asset for us, especially during the challenging times of Covid. We have been enthusiastic online yoga users for a long time. Online yoga allows us to get to know many great yoga teachers and further develop our personal yoga style.

In this article we would like to introduce you to some of our partner yoga studios that accompany us online. These studios offer a diverse range of styles and teaching approaches that inspire us.

hejhej-partner yoga studios with online yoga

One example is the sweet spot yoga studio in Graz. Birgit inspires with her Katonah Yoga and Mike offers you powerful peak flow classes in Vinyasa style. The yoga classes take place in German and English. The timetable provides a good overview.

Online Yoga aus Graz

Another highlight is the tribe yoga studio in Hamburg - now with two locations. The yoga classes are streamed from the studio in Eimsbüttel. A long-standing hejhej-partner studio. Yoga is also available here in German and English. Many different yoga styles welcome you, including prenatal, lunchtime yoga and Yin yoga classes. You can find the online course schedule here.

hejhej-mats in the TRIBE studio in hamburg

In Cologne we recently filmed YouTube videos with this is holy. In addition to these yoga sessions on YouTube, all classes also take place online. Steffi has perfected hybrid teaching and you feel seen and spoken to in both rooms, on site and virtually. You can also find Katonah Yoga here!

yoga set right for you in this beautiful studio

As the fourth studio with online yoga classes, we would like to introduce you to the Re:treat Studio. A large and well-known studio in Vienna that also offers many online yoga classes. Here you can find an hour for yourself at any time of the day. The selection of yoga styles is huge. Take a look at the timetable straight away .

Beautiful studio in vienna offers online yoga

Online yoga teachers

We also have individual teachers for you who offer online yoga classes from time to time. You can usually register with them directly. These three yoga teachers teach in German.

Lemonia - Yoga in sign language

With Lemonia we have also recorded some videos for you for our YouTube channel. Below you will find Yoga in Sign Language | 20 min Flow | in German. So that you can get to know Lemonia a little better, we wrote a journal article with her. You can find Lemonia's online yoga classes on her Instagram channel.

Katja - accessible yoga

You can also get to know Katja better in an article. She gives online yoga classes for people with physical limitations. You can find all of Katja’s online yoga classes on her website.

Mechthild - inclusive yoga

Mechthild specializes in mindful yoga. We also recorded YouTube videos with her for you. So that you can get to know Mechthild a little better, there is a journal article with her. You can find her online hours on her Instagram channel or on her website.

We are very happy to make yoga a little more inclusive with these three online yoga teachers. If you have any uncertainties or questions about the lessons or your participation, we can only recommend that you simply write them down. They are all looking forward to hearing from you. If you need help with this, you can also simply contact us at hello@hejhej-mats.com.

In addition to taking classes online, we look forward to visiting these studios in person when we travel. The diversity of the virtual yoga world has allowed us to explore different styles and deepen our own practice. It is a positive journey of self-discovery and growth that connects us online and inspires us offline. Have fun doing online yoga with the hejhej-partner studios!

Wondering which products are most suitable for your online yoga practice at home? That's exactly why we have the hejhej-essentials set consisting of hejhej-mat, hejhej-bolster, hejhej-block and hejhej-strap. This equipment provides you with lasting support at home!

Yoga Set for your routine at home

On Demand - Anytime, anywhere

If you enjoy practicing yoga online with YouTube classes on demand, we have recorded many great classes for you that will certainly enrich your practice. We have carefully curated our selection of yoga teachers. Whether it's dynamic Vinyasa, Yin, Katonah, accessible, blind, pregnancy yoga - you'll really find a large selection here:

hejhej on youtube - yoga sessions curated and produced by hejhej