Brooklyn is a yoga teacher from Berlin and she relaxes on the hejhej bolster

Your weekly yoga plan from hejhej on Youtube

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With just 10-30 minutes a day, you can already feel calmer and more mobilized.

Try it out for yourself with these selected yoga sessions in German and English. In the summer of 2022, we launched the hejhej Youtube channel and have been sharing new yoga, breathing and meditation sessions with you at least every two weeks ever since. From this wonderful selection of teachers and partner studios, we have put together a weekly plan for you. Enjoy our yoga sessions curated and produced by hejhej.

Day 1: Sun Salutations with Katja in German (10 Min.)

Actually, all you need today is a chair and maybe a block. The two versions of the Sitting Sun Salutation are easy to do in between your lunch break, before a cookout with friends, or just for yourself in the morning. Send this video to your parents, grandparents, or friends with physical disabilities. It feels so so good every time, believe us!

Day 2: Restorative Yoga (20 Min.)

Today, roll out your yoga mat, and get your bolster, eye pillow, and strap ready. Optionally you can use 2 blocks, too. Do you allow yourself to rest, practice passive movement, and have time to simply be in which you don’t have to accomplish anything? Brooklyn will guide you through a beautiful Restorative Flow today and whenever you feel like it. Dim the lights, and make yourself comfortable.

Day 3: Katonah Basics (30 Min.)

You will need a mat, two blocks, and optionally a strap today. Have you practiced Katonah Yoga before? We love it. In this Katonah Basics session, you will get a wonderful insight into this special style of yoga from Katonah, New York. Find out what ‘Measure Pleasure’ is and to what extent your body can be seen as a house. You can expect a great mix of breathing exercises, movement, and rest.

Day 4: Energizing Vinyasa Flow (15 Min.)

All you need to join Lulu is your yoga mat. Just 15 minutes can give you wonderful new energy, and wake you up.

Day 5: Power Yoga and Bhastrika Breathing in German (30 Min.)

Today, you’ll need your yoga mat and two blocks. Sarah will guide you through a Power Yoga session followed by Bhastrika breathing and a short meditation in silence.

Day 6: Pillow Flow in German (15 Min.)

Roll out your yoga mat and have your meditation pillow at hand. Allegra has prepared a gentle pillow flow for you to feel at ease. Enjoy this calm, short session that opens your heart space.

Day 7: Yoga Block Workout with relaxation (30 Min.)

You will need a yoga mat and two blocks. Brooklyn has come up with a super exciting session for you that will strengthen your core, challenge you and relax you at the end.

Day 8: Katonah Yoga Pranayama (15 Min.)

All you really need is a comfy seating situation. Maybe your yoga mat and a block or pillow? See that you sit up straight so that you can fully go for your breathing practice and enjoy Kapalabhati and Bhastrika breathing. Did you know that pranayama translates to ‘controlling the life energy’? Your breathing is such a great tool to make you feel good. Use it!

Have a lot of fun participating, breathing, relaxing, stretching, practicing yoga, and playing. Of course, you can repeat this 8-day plan as many times as you like. Recall it whenever you run out of yoga inspiration. Send the weekly yoga schedule playlist to your friends and follow us on Youtube. The choice of classes is getting bigger and bigger!

Which music can I play whilst practicing?

You will find special hejhej-playlists on Spotify to go with your sessions. Find them in the description box below your Youtube session of the day or here.