Eine Auswahl der besten Yoga Unterkünfte

The best yoga accommodations

We would like to provide you with a collection of the best yoga accommodations. All these selected cottages are equipped with hejhej-mats or further hejhej equipment. So nothing stands in the way of your yoga routine and you can continue to roll out your yoga mat even on vacation. The benefits of yoga are also especially evident in a calm and relaxed environment. Most of the best yoga accommodations we have put together are surrounded by nature, so you can completely retreat to yourself and breathe in the fresh air.

We also have another article about the best yoga hotels for you, if you prefer somewhat larger vacation accommodations with more offers, such as pool or sauna. On our website, you will also find collected all yoga hotels, accommodations, cottages, etc., which are equipped with hejhej yoga equipment.

Especially if you like to participate in yoga classes, but there is no yoga offer in your yoga accommodation, we can highly recommend our Youtube channel. Here you can join for free and at any time high-quality yoga classes easily. We have recorded the videos with selected and well-known yoga teachers. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for, because we have many different styles of yoga, breathing exercises and also meditations for relaxation: hejhej-mats on Youtube.

What hejhej yoga equipment do we always take with us on our travels? With us is always the hejhej-mat in the hejhej-bag. So the yoga mat is super protected and thanks to the bag also easy to throw over the shoulder.

A selection: the best yoga accommodations with hejhej equipment

Cabinski Unterkunft Innenraum, fotografiert von lena everding

Cabinski in the mountains of Montafon, Austria

wonderful yoga space for your next holiday in germany

d'Kammer in Germany

equipped with hejhej yoga equipment for your next yoga holidays

The Betterheim at the Schaalsee, Germany

Indoor yoga home for you

Diringlo in southern Germany

Nachhaltiges Yoga Hotel in Deutschland bestehend aus kleinen Cabins

Auszeit Tollensesee near Berlin, Germany

Farmhaus is a nice location for your next private retreat

Das Farmhaus near Koblenz, Germany

Die bleibe hat jetzt hejhej-mats, fotografiert von Simone Hörmann

Ferienwohnung bleibe in the Ammergau Mountains, Germany

Eine Auswahl der besten Yoga Unterkünfte

Ferienwohnung Schmidhuber in Chiemgau, Germany

Waldmeisterzimmer im Schwarzwald ausgestattet mit hejhej-mats

Waldmeisterzimmer in the Black Forest, Germany

Yoga Haus Weigt Terrasse mit viel Sonnenschein

Haus Weigt in the Salzburg Alps, Austria

Villa Gran Atlantico on the Canary Island, La Palma

Villa Blueviu Ansicht mit Abenddämmerung

Villa Blueviu in Paros, Greece

Knütthuus eine nachhaltige Unterkunft in Deutschland

Knütthuus – the minimalist holiday home in the Wendland, Germany

Ferienhaus Milch und Limonade

Milch & Limonade – a holiday home just before the seaside town of Sankt Peter-Ording, Germany

Tres Hermanas in Mallorca, Spain