Der hejhej-strap wird an der Schnalle gerade geöffnet und im Hintergrund ist die helle hejhej-mat zu sehen

Exercises with strap and meditation pillow

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According to the yoga philosophy, every asana, i.e. physical exercise you are in, should be as comfortable and cosy as possible. You should be able to breathe in peace and relax all the muscles that are not involved in this exercise. Often this is not so easy and some asanas can be very challenging. What we do know is that your foundation is very important. How do you stand on your mat? Are your feet well grounded? How do you sit on your mat? Is your spine upright? In the following, we show you 3 beautiful asanas with your yoga belt, where you can ground your buttocks well and comfortably on your meditation pillow.

Why is sitting on the meditation pillow so comfortable?

The airy and light spelt filling in the hejhej-pillow meditation pillow allows you to sit stable and upright on your yoga pillow. The meditation pillow is filled just right for this so that your ischial tuberosities can really feel their way into your pillow. This is very important so that your spine can continue to be upright and thus your prana, life energy, can flow. In addition, the upright posture strengthens your torso and you avoid misalignments of the joints. The special thing about our hejhej-pillow is that you can sit comfortably and with a clear conscience, knowing that you are sitting on the most sustainable meditation pillow currently available on the market. Even the spelt filling is regionally from Bavaria and certified organic. You can read all the facts about your hejhej-pillow in our detailed journal article.

3 Asanas with your hejhej-strap – sitting on the hejhej-pillow

1. Ardha Gomukasana – Half Cow Face

The Gomukasana can be very challenging at the beginning. For this first exercise, concentrate on your hands and arms. Your chest will be wonderfully stretched and your abdomen strengthened.

For this variation, sit relaxed on your hejhej-pillow, either cross-legged or heel-sitting. Grasp your strap with one hand, and put it behind your head so that your belt hangs loosely down. Now try to grasp your belt behind your back with your other hand. Slowly you can now run your hands together. Make sure your spine is upright and your shoulders can relax. Come out of this exercise slowly and mindfully.

Übungen auf dem Meditationskissen und Hände kommen hinter dem Rücken mit dem Yoga Gurt zusammen

2. Stretching of the arms and your chest

In this exercise, you stretch your chest and at the same time your front arms. Keep sitting on your meditation pillow, make sure your spine is upright and your shoulders are relaxed. Now grasp your hejhej-strap with another grip with both hands. Keep the yoga strap taut and bring it behind your head. You may want to come together with your hands again a little so that you feel a pleasant stretch in your arms. Come out of this exercise slowly and mindfully.

Öffnung des Brustraums mit Hilfe des Yoga Gurts von hejhej auf dem Meditationskissen - Übung mit Gurt

3. Stretching the back of your legs

Prepare your strap as a loop for this exercise. Now sit down again in a stable and comfortable position on your hejhej-pillow, this time with your legs stretched out in front. First put the loop around your upper body. Make sure the buckle is on one side and not touching your body. Now bring your one leg into the loop of your hejhej-strap. The best position is so that the ball of your foot, just below your toes, touches the strap. This gives you the most support and strengthens the sole of your foot. Stretch your leg upwards and play with your balance. You can always use your arms for balance or support yourself on the floor. Your leg is stretched and you feel a pleasant stretch in the back of your leg. Come out of this exercise with the strap slowly and mindfully.

Sitz auf dem Meditationskissen und gleichzeitig stretcht die Frau mit dem Yoga Gurt ihr Bein, deine perfekte Yoga Übung mit Gurt

Did you know that our hejhej-bag also has a strap included? A 2 in 1 product, you can easily detach the strap from your bag and use it for your yoga practice. Watch a video here on how to easily detach and reattach the hejhej-strap from your bag.

How did you like these yoga exercises with straps? Feel your body afterwards and see what these asanas have done to you. If you like, feel free to write us your thoughts, we are always very happy to hear from you. Have fun with your yoga practice!