Why yoga pillow refills are sustainable

The durability of hejhej products is an essential criterion for us in product development. High-quality materials that are carefully processed lead to the longevity of a product. The longer you use a product, the more sustainable it is. A new product is always more energy-intensive to produce – no matter how sustainable, recycled etc. it […] weiterlesen

Honest talk about our prices – why we have to raise them and how you can still order at our old prices

These current times are just crazy. The whole world speaks about increasing prices, rising energy costs and everything getting more expensive. We deliberately did not speak about it so far. We did not increase our prices so far because we want to offer closed-loop and fully sustainable yoga equipment as affordable as possible. So we […] weiterlesen

The sufficiency strategy – what does it mean?

Do I really need this product? This question describes the sufficiency strategy very well. All sustainability approaches are powerless on their own and need the sufficiency strategy at their side. This strategy is an important part of hejhej, although it completely contradicts classical economics. We advise people to buy a new yoga mat only if they really need it. We don’t want to promote consumption, we want to change something.

What hejhej has in common with an organic farm – circular economy businesses

The circular economy is the most important building block of our company. A way of doing business that we live and thus show what is possible – a circular economy business. Like everything created by humans, the circular economy has its origins in nature. Almost everything runs in cycles. The cycles of life. In the […] weiterlesen

What the biggest hurdle in a circular business has to do with a hejhej-mats discount code

For us, the circular economy holds the greatest sustainability potential in the consumer world. Producers and consumers are equally responsible for ensuring that the cycle is truly closed. We asked ourselves: What incentive can we give so that a hejhej product that has reached the end of its life cycle is actually returned? This is […] weiterlesen

How does a sustainable production of a yoga mat work? A check list with 5 criteria.

Nowadays, quite a lot of companies claim to be sustainable. For example, one of the largest fast-fashion companies in the world recently promoted its sustainable products. So sadly, we can’t just trust companies anymore but we need to understand what it means to produce sustainable products. That’s why we want to explain to you how […] weiterlesen

Die erste recycelte Yogamatte – wir alle müssen uns verändern

Es war noch nie wichtiger über seine eigenen Kaufentscheidungen nachzudenken. Wir alle müssen unser Verhalten ändern, um unsere Planeten vor dem Kollaps zu schützen. Wir möchten die macht der Konsumenten und die Macht der Unternehmen vorstellen und zeigen, dass wir alle wirklich was bewirken können. Die erste recycelte Yogamatte ist unser Beitrag.

What is Circular Monday all about?

Wir wollen dir die Strategien der Kreislaufwirtschaft an die Hand geben, um ganzheitliche Entscheidungen zu den materiellen Dingen in deinem Leben zu ermöglichen. That’s why Circular Monday is the Monday before Black Friday. We want to step in before the day of mass consumption to remind you of alternative options and to spread the message reuse, repair, and rent. Let yourself be inspired and discover holistic and exciting new concepts to manufacture, make available, and maintain their lifespan.

First closed-loop yoga mat – the hejhej-mat

Why are there so few sustainable companies and products? Why does a closed-loop yoga mat so far not exist? Those were exactly the questions that led us to the decision to make a difference and to develop the first closed-loop yoga mat. In this blog article, we want to explain what the term closed-loop means and why it’s the most sustainable way to produce and consume new products.

A circular yoga mat – why you should return it

A circular yoga mat only becomes fully closed-looped if you return it. So one of the most important success factors of the circular economy is the consumer because it is in the consumer’s power to return a product and to make it available for a new production. However, to achieve a sustainable circular product it is essential to be aware of the intention of reaching a more sustainable planet with the circular economy.

The best yoga mat requires a lot of effort

The product development of hejhej-mats always had the aim to develop the best yoga at the market. Now it is finished and our hejhej-mats will be launched soon. What we experienced is the most expensive sustainability criteria is to solely manufacture a product in Germany, which is why we have to raise our sales price from 119€ to 129€. However, we are happy and proud to offer you a fully sustainable yoga mat made in Germany.

A closed-loop yoga mat – it’s time for a sustainable yoga mat

Seeking to achieve a sustainable planet that allows future generations to live a lifestyle similar to ours right now, we need to rethink waste as a resource. The current linear “take-make-dispose” approach is reaching the physical limits of the planet. A circular economy, with closed-loop products, such as a closed-loop yoga mat, can be one solution.

Sustainability – our inspiration and motivation

Sustainability is an integral part of our everyday lives. In our Master of Leadership for Sustainability in Sweden, we met a lot of inspiring people that all helped us foster our understanding of sustainability. In our sustainable start-up, we want to combine all three dimensions of sustainability: the economic, the ecological and the social. The concept of the circular economy holds the greatest sustainability potential for us.