Detailaufnahme der Spelze im hejhe- Bolster

Why yoga pillow refills are sustainable

The durability of hejhej products is an essential criterion for us in product development. High-quality materials that are carefully processed lead to the longevity of a product. The longer you use a product, the more sustainable it is. A new product is always more energy-intensive to produce – no matter how sustainable, recycled etc. it is. What does the yoga pillow refill have to do with sustainability? You can now get a separate hejhej-husk Spelz filling from us – more about that here.

We, therefore, pay attention to the longevity of the products during product development. Nevertheless, it is the case that all materials reach the end of their life span at some point. Through the closed-loop approach with which all hejhej products have been designed, we have created a path in advance, even after the product has been used. But what if one part of the product has a shorter lifespan, but the rest is still in perfect condition and could actually be used for many more years? This is the case with our hejhej-bolsters and a new product that will be launched soon.

We are very happy to be able to offer you a solution today. Refilling yoga pillows is sustainable.

Zwei Menschen sitzen in unterschiedlichen Positionen auf dem hejhej-bolster und meditieren

The hejhej-husk refill

We now offer a refill for the inside of your hejhej-bolster. You can now refill your yoga pillow. The hejhej Yoga Bolster is filled with husks. The husks come from our certified Bioland partner farm, which is about an hour away from us. We have already visited the farm several times, appreciate it very much and also like to use the husk for filling. Learn more about the organic farm in our detailed journal article about the hejhej-bolster.

What are husks? The husk protects the grain. The husk we use is created when our farmer hulls the spelt and emmer grain for a local organic brewery. The husk is therefore residual material and was not previously used for a new product. The use for the filling of our yoga bolsters is therefore extremely resource-friendly and does not deprive our environment of any further valuable natural resources.

hejhej-husk in two options

We offer two different options of our hejhej-husk – a 1 kg and a 4 kg option. In the following, we explain when you need which option.

Yoga pillow refill

Based on some feedback on our hejhej-bolster, we have found that it varies a lot how people prefer the filling of the yoga bolster. We fill them to a comfortable weight, but leave just enough room for you to really sink into your bolster. If you prefer a very full bolster, you can simply order our small refill option of 1 kg. It’s just perfect for refilling your yoga pillow.

Yoga pillow fill up

The second option follows on from the beginning of this article – longevity. Natural husks lose their density after some time of use, this is quite normal. So if you’ve been using your hejhej-bolster for a while and need a little more to fill it up again, you can also order our smaller 1 kg refill option. If you want to replace the entire filling after a while, simply put the filling of the hejhej-bolster in the organic waste or on the home compost. Our natural spelt filling can be 100% recycled into the biological cycle. Then you can wash the fabrics and fill the inside of the cushion with fresh hejhej-husk again. If you want to replace the entire filling, you should order the 4 kg hejhej-husk option. Refilling your yoga pillow is easy.

Spelze fallen aus dem hejhej-Bolster raus und es sieht aus als würdest dein Yoga Kissen nachfüllen

How does the price come about

The price for our hejhej-husk is non-profit. It only covers the cost of the ecological husks, shipping, the use of plastic-free and recycled paper bags (which were actually very hard to find) and the packaging for shipping. Our hejhej-husk is another step towards a more sustainable future. We want you to use your hejhej products for as long as possible. So you don’t have to buy a new yoga bolster after a few years but can use the existing one much longer and easily refresh your filling.

You don’t have a hejhej-bolster yet?

Of course, you can also order our hejhej-husk if you have a yoga bolster or another yoga pillow of a different brand and with a different filling. Organic and local spelts are super rare, so we’re very excited to offer them to everyone for yoga pillow refills. Just find out what filling is in your old pillow before returning it to the biological cycle – not all pillow fillings on the market are biodegradable.

Use the products you already have for as long as possible and take care of them. The most sustainable way is to do without a new product!