zwei friedliche Yoginis zeigen warum du keine günstige Yogamatte kaufen solltest
ecological sustainability

A cheap yoga mat – what is the true cost?

So if you choose a really cheap yoga mat, you're not paying the real price for it, someone else is. For us, this doesn't fit in with the basic idea of yoga. It simply says "to do good".
Eine hejhej-mat als nachhaltiges Valentinstag Geschenk
ecological sustainability

Ideen für ein nachhaltiges Valentinstag Geschenk

There are many commercial holidays such as Valentine's Day. Especially on days like these, it is important to consume consciously and show society that sustainability is our future. We'll show you ...
du kannst zwei Farben der hejhej-mats Yogamatte kaufen
ecological sustainability

Buy a yoga mat for 129€, is this a lot of money? Let’s compare it to your last buying decision

129€ is a lot of money. But is it really a lot of money for a completely sustainable, high-quality yoga mat produced in Germany? We would like to encourage you to question your consumption decision...
Yogaequipment als nachhaltiges Weihnachtsgeschenk
ecological sustainability

Sustainable Christmas Presents – Ideas for a Sustainable Christmas

6 tips on how you can make this Christmas more sustainable. We all want to try to consume consciously and sustainably - even during the Christmas season. Sustainable Christmas gifts are a great and...
Junge entspannte Frau auf der Premium Yogamatte von hejhej-mats
ecological sustainability

A premium yoga mat – connecting mindfulness towards yourself the planet?

In theory, mindfulness towards yourself and mindfulness towards the planet go hand in hand. BUT: So why are we yogis practicing yoga on a harmful plastic mat? Our sustainable and premium yoga mats ...
zwei junge Frauen beim Yoga - friedvolles Yoga als Teil von sozialem Yoga
mindful life

Social yoga can offer support along a therapy

Yoga has beneficial properties for general wellbeing. Did you know that social yoga can be helpful for people with mental illness? Yoga für alle e.V. is a great NGO that makes yoga available to peo...
Zwei junge Frauen tragen ihre Yogamatte und zeigen, dass besonders die Kunden gefragt sind, um eine recycelbare Yogamatte zurückzuführen
circular economy

A circular yoga mat – why you should return it

A closed-loop yoga mat is only completely circular if you return it. One of the most important success factors of the circular economy is the consumer, because it is up to the consumer to return a ...
das soziale Start-up hejhej kooperiert mit einer Werkstatt für Menschen mit Handicap
social sustainability

Social start-up – our cooperation with a workplaces for people with disabilities

hejhej-mats is not only about developing a yoga mat, but also about becoming an eco-friendly and social start-up. We wanted to work with a social organization to sew the logos on our sustainable yo...
Yoga hat eine große Vielfalt von Positionen
all about yoga

The variety of yoga

Yoga not only offers a variety of yoga styles, but also different yoga poses. There are also many different places where you can practise yoga. Nowadays, people rush through their lives without res...
Yogastudio voll mit hejhej-mats - warum es sehr schwer und teuer ist die besten Yogamatten zu entwickeln
circular economy

The best yoga mat requires a lot of effort

Product development at hejhej-mats has always aimed to develop the best yoga mat on the market. Now we are ready and our hejhej-mats will soon be launched on the market. Manufacturing a product exc...
Drei Yogis auf den coolen Yogamatten von hejhej
entrepreneurial journey

A cool yoga mat through emotions in our corporate life

Emotions are usually not experienced positively, even though they are so important both in our private life and when starting a business. We want to show that it is good to be emotional and tell yo...
hejhej-mats zeigt wie man eine recycelte und gute Yogamatte in Deutschland produzieren kann
ecological sustainability

A good yoga mat in Germany – what does that mean

People consume and usually do not even realize that there is a complete overconsumption. hejhej-mats does not run its business to drive consumption even further, but only wants to offer a sustainab...
Drei Yogis, die Yoga verkörpern - Tipps für eine erfolgreiche Crowdfunding Kampagne
entrepreneurial journey

A successful crowdfunding campaign – our key learnings

A successful crowdfunding campaign can also be quite challenging and requires a lot of work. As our crowdfunding campaign has helped us a lot in the further actions of our business, we would like t...
Glasflaschen als Ersatz für Plastik als Idee für einen nachhaltigen Lebensstil
ecological sustainability

A sustainable lifestyle – you could start from here

The amount of plastic waste on our planet is higher than ever before. We should all start living a more sustainable lifestyle. We want to show you that some things are so simple and yet so meaningful.
Wir brauchen mehr starke Frauen im Unternehmertum
entrepreneurial journey

Women in entrepreneurship – experiences and hopes

Unfortunately, we ourselves had to realize that women are clearly outnumbered in entrepreneurship. There are numerous difficulties and challenges that men do not face.
Warum wir eine recycelte Yogamatte produziert haben
circular economy

Recycled yoga mat out of foam off-cuts

The amount of plastic waste on our planet is constantly increasing. hejhej-mats produces recycled yoga mats by using waste from foam production.
Position des Kindes auf unserer hochwertigen Yogamatte - ein Blick von oben
entrepreneurial journey

High-quality yoga mat through customer co-creation

There is always conversation about high-quality yoga mats. But what exactly is a high-quality yoga mat and how do you design such a product? hejhej-mats used an innovative tool called customer co-c...
Gründerin Anna besucht kleine Kinder in Südafrika - unsere umweltfreundliche Yogamatte ermöglicht den Kindern an Yoga teilzunehmen
ecological sustainability

More than an eco-friendly yoga mat

We started hejhej-mats because we were disappointed with the current range of yoga mats on the market. We had not found a mat that could meet our sustainability expectations. So we started hejhej...
Warum wir keine Naturkautschuk Yogamatten herstellen
circular economy

Natural rubber yoga mats – we decided not to create them

The planet already has enough valuable resources in abundance. There is no need to use new natural materials like natural rubber to make new products like yoga mats. Natural rubber yoga mats are no...
Es gibt 17 verschiedene UN Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung
circular economy

Sustainable development goals – hejhejs contribution

hejhej-mats contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about this goal and how hejhej-mats contributes to achieving it.
Zwei Mädchen in der Childs Pose als Beispiel für viele Vorteile von Yoga
all about yoga

The benefits of yoga and why you should try yoga now

The benefits of yoga are manifold. Yoga not only has a positive effect on your physical strength and flexibility, but also on your mental health. Read more about why everyone should try yoga at lea...