Frau präsentiert dir die hejhej-bag in chalk

A sustainable yoga mat bag – the hejhej-bag

Sustainability is simply unavoidable. The circular economy is the most responsible way to consume. For this reason, we have developed our sustainable yoga mat bag within the framework of the circular economy and are launching the first closed-loop yoga mat bag on the market.
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The hejhej-bag is the first fully sustainable yoga mat bag. With hejhej-mats we have already created the first closed-loop yoga mat. We have done everything in our power to make the hejhej-bag closed-loop as well.

The most sustainable and sensible way to launch a new product to the market is in a closed-loop way. That’s why we’ve developed the hejhej-bag in a circular design. 

That means the largest part of the bag consists of recycled materials and is also recyclable. The fabric of the bag is made of recycled PET bottles and is waterproof. Even the hejhej-bag zipper is made from recycled fishing nets. 

We take responsibility for all stages of your hejhej-bag’s life. We not only pay attention to the responsible production but also to what happens to your hejhej-bag when it is no longer used by you.

A sustainable yoga mat bag made in Germany

We are very happy that we fulfilled all our personal sustainability criteria of the bag. This means, we do not only care about the ecological side but the social side of sustainability. In cooperation with workplaces for people with a handicap, each bag is sewn, packed and shipped by hand in Nuremberg. The materials for your hejhej-bag are all sourced from Germany and Europe. The entire hejhej-bag production takes place in Germany.

Sustainability goes along with less consumption

Consuming green products is the right step towards a more sustainable development but it is even better to consume less. That is why we combined two products in one:  

The strap of the bag can easily be removed and used during your yoga practice.

During your yoga session, it gives you an ideal grip and feels particularly comfortable with the hejhej-grip. The strap is made of hemp.

Hemp is far more sustainable than cotton because hemp requires significantly less water and can be grown almost anywhere.

The hejhej-bags fit all kinds of yoga mats

So if you already have a yoga mat bag that is still functioning we do not encourage you to buy a new yoga mat bag. If you need a yoga mat bag to transport your yoga mat then it is always best to choose the most sustainable option. This is what we offer you with our sustainable yoga mat bag – the der hejhej-bag

hejhej-bag in chalk and grey-aubergine
Frau mit hejhej-bag in chalk