Eine hejhej-mat als nachhaltiges Valentinstag Geschenk

Ideen für ein nachhaltiges Valentinstag Geschenk

There are many commercial holidays such as Valentine's Day. Especially on days like these, it is important to consume consciously and show society that sustainability is our future. We'll show you ideas for a sustainable Valentine's Day gift that you can use to make a statement.

On days that are linked with making presents and consuming like Christmas or the upcoming Valentines Day, it can happen quite easily to lose sustainable consumption patterns, which we normally follow. Presents are part of the traditions and totally normal, even expected in society. Some days like Valentine’s Day seem to pop up and become more and more popular, especially for media and advertisement. You can find special commercials and shops offer special sales and discounts. These commercial festive days are totally not sustainable.

The conflict of commercial festive days like Valentine’s Day – a chance to support sustainable businesses

It is totally normal to not be sustainable in every aspect of your life! Of course, it is totally okay to make exceptions. That’s human and no one can live a fully sustainable lifestyle in every second of her/his life. It is normal to maybe buy something not super sustainable every once in a while We also do that! However, we should really try to not fall into old and lavish consumption patterns just because it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day. We should stick to our normal and sustainable habits and sustainability should survive special days like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Especially on these days, it is important to not consume without thinking, not support unethical, unsustainable companies and to show our economy and everybody out there that you don’t support commercial consumption and that you care for sustainability.

If you decide to make a gift, choose a sustainable one and support young and sustainable businesses Support young and sustainable businesses

The following businesses are all women-run. They fight for a better planet, they want people to question consumption and they deserve to be supported. They want to get people to change their consumption behaviour. Therefore, they simply deserve to be supported. A sustainable Valentine’s Day present could be the following:

Every buying decision has an impact and when deciding to buy a fully sustainable product instead of a cheap, unethical one, you are contributing to a shift towards more ethics and sustainability in our economy. Thank you, girls, for fighting with us! Thank you to all of you for supporting us!

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