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Holistic health – you are more than just your body

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It is a lingering movement but it is a movement. Luckily we are becoming more and more mindful and more aware of our planet. Just as we are more attentive to our environment, we should also consider our own holistic health – and that not only affects the body, but also mind and soul.

Holistic health – what does that mean?

Hitting the word holistically, one learns that it comes from the Greek (“holos”) and means “whole”. Holism, or holistic, means the doctrine of the whole.

Holisticness can be applied to different areas: health, education, psychology and much more. It is not – as is usually the case – only one point of view or a symptom displayed, but always the whole picture. The human which is holistic on the physical, mental and spiritual is under consideration. In practice, it sometimes looks like this: A patient goes to the doctor with pain or disagreement. However, unfortunately, only the symptom is treated and the cause of the symptom itself remains unfounded.

The holistic approach will look at things all around and at all levels: Only in this way can the physical, mental and emotional state be addressed at the same time.

Why is a holistic view important?

Only sustainable change can be effective and sustained. This statement applies to the environment as well as to humans and their health. A careful approach to the environment and to ourselves leads to a holistically healthy life. Everyone is different and so should be considered: individually. What one person is, it does not necessarily have to be for the other.

Yoga and a holistic view

Yoga can support you, as well as a holistic diet, on the way to a holistic view of your health. It describes both the condition and the way to this condition. The simple goal of yoga practice is to be more mindful of yourself and our environment. In yoga, everyone finds his own personal approach and his own personal practice. The entry into yoga is often much easier than expected. Many studios offer beginner classes. It is also possible with small equipment, yoga mat and comfortable clothes to start the practice at home. Yoga is not just a workout, it’s more of a life philosophy that makes you feel more aware and healthy. In combination with a conscious diet, these two factors have the potential for a positive development of the holistic health of body and mind. 

What does holistic nutrition mean?

A balanced and wholesome diet is based on foods that are well-suited for human consumption, such as vegetables, fruits, sprouts, nuts, seeds, kernels, cereals, pseudogenes, legumes, algae, etc. All foods should be as fresh and wholesome as possible, with excess bases and organically produced. You should also try to eat a variety of foods. In holistic nutrition and health counseling, all influencing factors are taken into account: What is the general health situation, what are the psychological problems and stress, and what is the so-called “work-life balance”? The aim of holistic consulting is to find one’s own center. In a holistic nutritional consultation, all parts of being are considered in restoring the natural balance. After all, body, mind, and soul are inseparable in the human organism and constantly in communication with each other. 

A holistic approach to health should also pay attention to the ecosystem in which we move: our earth.

Sonnenaufgang mit Tee als Beispiel für Ganzheitlichkeit
Junge Frau, die draußen Yoga macht und so ein ganzheitliches Körpergefühl ausstrahlt

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