Wir erklären dir warum wir unsere Preise anpassen müssen

Honest talk about our prices – why we have to raise them and how you can still order at our old prices

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These current times are just crazy. The whole world speaks about increasing prices, rising energy costs and everything getting more expensive. We deliberately did not speak about it so far. We did not increase our prices so far because we want to offer closed-loop and fully sustainable yoga equipment as affordable as possible. So we kept our prices the same, although various of our suppliers raised their prices last year already.

At the beginning of this year we had a big production round for our hejhej-mats. That was when we noticed how much higher all our costs have become. The materials and the production costs to run the machines got more expensive, same with logistics and transportation costs. Again we decided we don’t want to pass these higher prices on to you – our customers. We have decided that we want to cover the costs.

New round of production

A new production round for our yoga mats is coming up soon. While planning and calculating everything we just noticed that we have reached a point where it is not sustainable for our business anymore. The costs for our yoga mats have increased so much that we can’t continue selling them at our old prices anymore. This would not be sustainable for our business. We could not continue new product development processes nor finance the ongoing costs of our business. So we have to raise the prices for our closed-loop yoga equipment.

For us, it’s so important to explain everything to you and not just raise the prices. We have already shown you the transparent price components of our eye pillows and we now want to show you all those numbers for our yoga mats. The prices of all components have increased: materials, production, packaging, and logistics …. Some prices have been raised slightly and several have raised tremendously (up to double what we were used to). The new price of our yoga mats is 139€. When looking at it from an economic point of view we would need to raise the price way more. Yet, we decided to only pass on some of the price increases because it is still so important for us to offer our products as affordable as possible in order to make sure as many people as possible can order them.

This is how the price of the hejhej-mat comes about: 139€.

Hier steht wie sich der Preis der hejhej-mat zusammensetzt

The good news – until the 7th of November you can still order our hejhej products for our current prices.

We want to give you the chance to order at our current prices until the 7th of November – so you still have some time to order your own hejhej-mat or any of our hejhej products and still pay the current price. The prices for our yoga bolster, bag, and block will be raised slightly as well. You also have the chance to order them at our current prices during the next week. The prices for our yoga straps, eye pillows, and spray so far will stay the same.

So is 139€ a lot for a yoga mat?

139€ is a lot of money. But when thinking about what needs to be included in the price of sustainably producing a yoga mat here in Germany it definitely isn’t a lot. We pay really high production costs for all our products because we keep our production here in Germany. We get mails from Asian production factories every week but always decline those right away because we just could not be part of every production round in Asia, we would not know if all the social standards are fulfilled, and the CO2 emissions are just incredibly high compared to our local CO2-neutral production in the Bavarian Forest.

Please also keep in mind that all our products are recyclable and we really take your products back at the end of the product’s lifecycle. We offer you, our customers, free DHL shipping labels for that and cover all the costs – in our price calculation, you can see that this costs us 13,66€ and is another really high part of our price. So when adding all the different parts you can easily understand that 139€ is not too much for a fully sustainable yoga mat. We should rather start questioning how other companies or discounters can offer yoga mats at such a crazy cheap price and who will pay the price along the supply chain. Besides, how much do you pay for a new pair of jeans or new sneakers?

Let’s consume consciously together, shall we? You will definitely save so much money when only ordering what you really need and when living a more minimalist life. If you ask yourself the question if you really need the product and honestly answer it, it will help you to choose the products in your life wisely. We have written a whole article about the sufficiency strategy that will help you start a more conscious shopping behaviour.

Extinction of small, independent & sustainable businesses

BUT: what’s really on our hearts at the moment is the way people start to save. People start buying groceries in discounters again instead of continuing to shop at small ecological, and zero-waste shops. People stop going to their local cafés or restaurants. People start buying from huge and cheap businesses again when needing new clothes or products like a yoga mat. Please start saving by not buying products you don’t really need. Start saving by avoiding high travel costs, and maybe don’t go on huge holidays super far away. Start saving by buying less but long-lasting. So if you can, please don’t stop supporting all those wonderful cafés, zero-waste shops, and small and sustainable businesses. It breaks our hearts to see so many of those having to close down. Let’s not allow many more to close.

Don’t save on sustainability.

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