hejhej take-back system for your sustainable yoga equipment

Der gschlossene Produktkreislauf eines hejhej-Produktes illustriert von Pia Salzer.

Use your hejhej-equipment as long as possible (depending on usage your hejhej-mat will last 1 to 10 years, your hejhej-bag can last even longer.)

As soon as you would like to return your product send us a Mail.

Then you will receive your return label for free.

Once your used product has arrived, you will receive 15% off your next order.

We collect the used hejhejs until we have a decent amount for recycling.

We can then re-insert the components of your old product into the production cycle.

This way your used hejhej piece does not have to end up as garbage, but can be used as a resource for new products, and with your help it becomes an all-around sustainable product.