7 uses of the Yoga Spray – the sustainable hejhej-spray

By the end of 2021, the sustainable hejhej-spray is finally in our online shop. This article is about possible uses of a yoga spray and how it can accompany you in your yoga practise as well as independently. For us, as many different uses of a product as possible also make up part of sustainability. You only need one product for different situations instead of many similar products. The sufficiency strategy can therefore be wonderfully used here: Do I really need the product? If you cover more uses and application areas with one product, you can answer this question of the sufficiency strategy with a clear no more often for further products, because you already have something for it. We think about multipurpose use in all hejhej products. For example, the strap of the hejhej-bag yoga mat bag is detachable and can also be used as a yoga belt. Our hejhej-bolster also has many other uses, for example as a breastfeeding pillow. Read the 7 uses of the hejhej-eyepillow here. So the hejhej-spray also has uses that you may not have thought of yet!

You can read about the special features of the essential oils and a little insight into the product development in our detailed blog article about the hejhej-spray. What exactly are essential oils and how do they work in your body? We have explained how essential oils support your yoga practice in a separate blog article.

Anwendungen Yoga Spray auf der Matte: Spray wird auf der dunklen hejhej-mat genutzt um diese zu säubern

Yoga Spray use for the mat and the room

As main applications, we like to communicate two areas: Mat and Space. You can clean your hejhej-mat wonderfully with one or two pumps of hejhej-spray and a slightly damp cloth. The essential oils have a disinfecting, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effect. Since the surface of the hejhej-mat is closed and not open-pored, sweat or other liquids do not collect in the material. This makes the yoga mat hygienic and you can clean the surface with a cloth almost without leaving any residue.

By using in the room, we mean the environment around you. This can be before or after your yoga practice, but of course also completely independent of your yoga session. The fine and herbaceous scent of the lasting hejhej spray has healing, concentration-promoting, balancing and strengthening effects. It harmonises you, promotes your relaxation and helps you to gather new energy. Wherever you would like to tickle these qualities out of yourself, you can enjoy the scent of the Yoga Spray.

Besides these two main uses, we have had other uses of the hejhej-spray written and told to us, mainly by the hejhej community. To inspire you to use your hejhej-spray in new areas, we tell you the following.

hejhej-spray wird gerade in die kleine Innentasche der hejhej-bag gesteckt

Multiple uses of the Yoga Spray

On holiday or when travelling

The compact size of the hejhej-spray makes it wonderful to take with you on your travels. So you can use the fragrance as a meditation buddy or even as a perfume substitute.
(*Safety information: Contains Salvia officinalis, ext., bergamot oil, Myrtus communis, lemon extract. May cause allergic reactions. Not suitable for consumption).

Refresh Vintage Clothes

Anna told us from her ski holiday that she found the hejhej-spray very useful to freshen up her vintage ski suit. The scent then accompanies you on the slopes and you can perhaps also ski more concentrated? What great uses for the Yoga Spray.

Concentration buddy at pottery

Two inspiring potters, Anni and Zoe, have told us that they don’t want to miss their hejhej-spray during their work. Turning the wheel in particular requires concentration and focus – and this is exactly what the spray is wonderfully suited for.

Spray on your hejhej equipment

Anwendungen Yoga Spray: Aufsprühen auf das hejhej-eyepillow

The fragrance unfolds beautifully on fabrics. So we have heard a few times how wonderful the use of the yoga spray is on the hejhej-bolster and the hejhej-eyepillow. The fragrance can thus escape very slowly and remain with you for a long time, e.g. during meditation or yoga practice.

Partner exercise: Guided Meditation

Anwendungen Yoga Spray als Tool für eine geführte Meditation

How about a guided meditation for a favourite person? Especially for this, the hejhej-spray is a wonderful tool to introduce or accompany the session. The scent of the hejhej-spray supports the effect of your meditation, as it promotes relaxation and gives harmony. We have a guided meditation for you on our Youtube channel from Brooklyn – with hejhej-spray and hejhej-eyepillow.

Have fun with your hejhej-spray! What else do you use it for? Feel free to write to us directly via Instagram or an email.

Photo Credit Article picture: @zoedeno