Das nachhaltige Augenkissen liegt auf dem Gesicht einer Person die in Savasana liegt

The most beautiful 7 eye pillow usages with the hejhej-eyepillow

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An eye pillow is perhaps a piece of yoga equipment you haven’t heard of yet. Due to the pandemic, you may not have been to a yoga studio in the last few years, or you may not have been to one at all. But maybe you still remember your last time? What did you especially like?

We love those little moments when the yoga teacher pays attention to you, turns on the right music or sprinkles a gentle scent in the room for your practice. The love with which the room is prepared. And sometimes, if you are lucky, there is just that moment when an eye pillow is placed on your face in savasana. You can relax completely and be in the here and now on your mat. You don’t have to do anything else but lie here.

This usage of the eye pillow in a yoga studio is a beautiful moment where you are allowed to be complete. In the same way, you can also treat yourself to relaxation at home. We have collected our favourite eye pillow usages that you can use to make yourself comfortable. So let’s move on to the 1st usage of the hejhej-pillow at home.

Eye pillow usage

1. Savasana

As described in the detailed blog article about the newly launched hejhej-eyepillow, one of the most popular uses of an eye pillow is for relaxation during savasana at the end of a yoga practice. The gentle pressure on the eyelids allows you to relax even more deeply and release all your weight into the mat. The pressure relaxes the muscles of your eyes and temples. Because of the complete darkness of the eye pillow and the fact that no lights can distract you, you can focus better on your thoughts. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

2. Power Nap and Meditation

Relaxation is not only restful after a yoga practice. We from the hejhej-team also sit at the computer a lot and look into displays with bright lights. The eyes constantly have something to focus on and are constantly at work. A short power nap, be it with quiet music, a guided meditation or absolute silence, is a wonderful tool to switch off in the middle of the day and recharge your batteries. Meditating while lying down can also be incredibly calming and your whole body can release its weight into the support. Here too, the hejhej-eyepillow helps you to relax even better by applying pressure to the eyelids and temples. The small muscles in the face are stimulated by the pressure and you can let them relax. Just be. Recharge your batteries. A super eye pillow usage during the day! Try this guided meditation on our Youtube channel – 15 min. just for you!

For extra relaxation and calm, you can spray some of the hejhej-spray, the sustainable yoga spray, on the eye pillow before this usage. Wait briefly and then place on the eyelids. The scent makes your mind feel even more at peace!

Das hejhej-eyepillow liegt auf der rather light hejhej-mats

3. Sleep

Melatonin is the hormone that determines the day-night rhythm. It is mainly released from the pineal gland in the dark and is largely inhibited in daylight. Melatonin production thus has an influence on our sleep. The longer it is dark, the longer melatonin is released. Electric light also inhibits melatonin production. When it gets dark, your body releases melatonin and this causes you to become tired and relaxed. On the other hand, if your bedroom is not completely dark, melatonin production is disrupted. This is exactly where the hejhej-eyepillow can support you in the best possible way. By placing it on your eyelids, it becomes completely dark and your body can produce melatonin in peace. And that, in turn, helps you to fall asleep. The advantage over a conventional sleep mask is that the eye pillow slips off your face on its own after a certain time. Your body is thus gently awakened by natural daylight and can then begin to produce serotonin – you become awake. Try putting your hejhej-eyepillow on your face before bed!

4. Warm-up – baby

Babies and toddlers are not infrequently plagued by abdominal cramps. Heat is one of the easiest and most effective ways to relax the belly. Heat relaxes the muscles and the cramps can be relieved. The grape seeds are very small and thus nestle perfectly against the body. You also don’t have the risk of burns, such as with a hot water bottle that is too warm. Due to the grape seed oil contained in the seeds, this is an excellent heat accumulator and therefore keeps the pillow warm for a long time.

How to warm-up the hejhej-pillow:

Microwave: We recommend heating the cushion slowly at 600 watts and checking the temperature after approx. 20 seconds. To do this, you can lightly knead and feel the pillow. If necessary, heat for another 10 seconds.

In the oven: Heat at about 120°C for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Important: You should always check the temperature by hand before use.

5. Warm up – period pain

Similarly, you can apply the application to period pain. Here too, heat helps to relax the muscles and reduce cramps. The advantage of the little hejhej-eyepillow is that you can simply tuck it into your trousers. This makes the eye pillow usage very suitable for everyday use. Here too, the grape seeds nestle perfectly against your belly and the heat accumulator lets you relax with long-lasting warmth. Of course, you can also have the hejhej-eyepillow on your belly during yin yoga sessions. Especially in combination with the hejhej-bolster, this is a perfect period set!

6. Cooling down – headaches

It’s different for headaches or when you just want to keep a cool head. About 60 minutes in the freezer will let your hejhej eye pillow cool down nicely. Because the hejhej-eyepillow is perfectly adapted to your face, the temples on the side are also cooled. Again, the grapeseed oil in the seeds stores the cold, giving you a long cool treat.

7. Cooling down – energising

Even apart from a headache, you may want to enjoy an activating effect by cooling your face. Cold often has an energising effect and relieves swelling. The hejhej-eyepillow is therefore also a real beauty gadget. Natural cooling without any chemical cooling liquids!

Caring instructions

Especially if you use your hejhej-eyepillow for different eye pillow usages, it is hygienic to wash it from time to time. That’s why the outer fabric of the hejhej-eyepillow is easily removable and you can wash it at 30 degrees. However, we recommend hand washing to make the product even more durable.

A circular pleasure with the hejhej-eyepillow – closed-loop yoga equipment for the whole family.

Das Hanf Pflegeetikett ist sichtbar im hejhej-eyepillow