Die besten Yogamatten im Hotel Rosso

The best yoga hotels to unwind

The main purpose of a holiday is to switch off and completely relax. Sun is definitely a factor on vacation that allows the feeling of relaxation to arrive quicker but also that is not always guaranteed. Luckily there is also yoga and a careful selection of the best yoga hotels following in this article. Yoga aims to calm the mind and therethrough relax the body. In our busy daily lives, we often do not find the time to completely surrender to yoga.

That is why your next holiday is the perfect occasion to embrace those yoga classes and completely switch off.

To ensure the perfect yoga holiday, some requirements should be fulfilled by the accommodation.

What attributes should the best yoga hotels have?

1. a well-trained team of yoga teachers

These teachers are the ones who will be guiding your yoga experience on holiday, and it is easier to trust and surrender fully when you know that the teachers are experienced and well trained. have had a certified teacher training with appropriate time of hours The length of time teachers have been practising can also be an important factor.

2. A calming and well-equipped yoga room

The easiest way is to travel light – that is why no one actually wants to carry her or his own yoga mat on holiday. The good news is that most of the hotels have noticed that as well and some even place value on sustainable yoga equipment that is not only good for the hotel guests but also all other people and the planet. A few guest houses even take it one step further and have equipped each room with a yoga mat. Guest houses even take it one step further and have equipped each room with a yoga mat. This way, you can start your day really mindful and have the full yoga experience. A best-case scenario for the future would be that more hotels embrace that holistic yoga philosophy. Which leads us to the third criteria:

3. An accommodation that lives the yoga philosophy not only in the yoga room

“Yoga starts once you leave the mat” which basically means that the philosophy of yoga is about doing no harm to others. Doing no harm with our daily activities to the people and the environment on this planet. To fully enjoy time-off for your brain and body it is important that the hotel you are staying in values the planet and people as much as you do. This is reflected for example through the food they offer or the equipment they purchase.

How to apply these 3 criteria

hejhej not only reflects the highest sustainability standards but gathers a community of highly appreciated yoga teachers around the brand. That is why all hotels working together with hejhej are reviewed under the 3 main criteria mentioned above. This way, the selection for hejhej-partners is also a guide for you to find the best eco and yoga hotels for your next vacation.

So that you can start your yoga right away on holiday, we have created an 8-day video program for you. You can enjoy the days of your holiday completely free of charge on Youtube. The videos are between 10 and 30 minutes long. So there is sure to be something for everyone. Discover wonderful yoga styles and experienced yoga teachers: Your yoga week plan from hejhej.

A selection of the best yoga hotels

yoga hotel in norway

Trevarefabrikken in Lofoten, Norway

hejhej-mats testet in der Villa Copenhagen

Villa Copenhagen, in Copenhagen, Denmark

yoga hotel in bavaria with many hejhej products

Das Rosso, Allgäu, Germany

Retreat Hotel mit hejhej Produkten

Hotel Post Bezau in the Bregenzerwald, Austria

yoga hotel in portugal

Parco dei Sesi on Pantelleria – a small island between Sicily and Africa

Verschneit mit einer Berglandschaft im Hintergrund liegt eins der besten Yoga Hotels: Das Miramonte.

Hotel Miramonte in Bad Gastein, Austria

Hotel zur Pfeffermühle mit hejhej-mats ausgestattet

Hotel zur Pfeffermühle, St. Anton Tirol, Germany

BIO HOTEL DER DABERER in Carinthia, Austria

Die besten Yoga Hotels: Das Haus am See liegt direkt am Bodensee. Hier sieht man einen Teil des Hotels und einen Teil des Bodensees.

HAUS AM SEE on Lake Constance, Germany

Diea Aussicht auf die Berge eines der besten Yoga Hotels, dem Ameron in Neuschwanstein.

Hotel Ameron in Hohenschwangau, Germany

Wunderschönes Hotel in Tirol mit hejhej-mats

Das Kronthaler at Achensee in Tyrol, Austria

hilla yoga hotel in germany

The Hilla – Forest Retreat near Kassel, Germany

Yoga Hotel in Deutschland mit Sauna

Stimbekhof in the Lüneburg Heath, Germany

moar gut yoga hotel in austria in the alps

moar gut in the Salzburg Alps, Austria

Yoga Hotel in der Schweiz

Ski Lodge Engelberg in the centre of Switzerland

Soulful Silena mit hejhej-mats, ein Hotel von außen

Soulful Silena in South Tyrol, Italy

Yoga Hotel in den Dolomiten mit dampfendem Pool

Ama Stay at the Kronenplatz, Italy

HIRBEN Naturlaub im Eco-Aparthotel, Italien

HIRBEN Nature’s Holiday at the Eco-Aparthotel, Italy

Ausblick aus der Terrasse auf dem Farnhaus Yoga Hotel in Italien

farnhaus in Merano Country, Italy

yoga hotel in the south of portugal

Estrella Montés in the south of Portugal