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Silence Retreat – experience of a Vipassana meditation

In the last weeks and months, we have been spending a lot of time on meditation. Especially because we spent a lot of time on the product development of the newly launched hejhej-bolster. It ...
Yoga für Hörgeschädigte - Inklusion in der Yogawelt
all about yoga

Yoga for deaf people – Inclusion in the Yoga World

Have you ever been to a yoga class that actively included deaf people? A question you don’t ask yourself, if you’re hearing. But inclusion remains a topic that we would like to deal with further, ...
Das Team WOMOM aus München. Zusammen schließen sie die Modelücke zwischen Frauen & schwangeren Frauen.
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Being a mum and founder – 5 questions for WOMOM

We did not reach gender equality in professional life yet and women are also underrepresented as entrepreneurs. Being a mum and and a founder: more and more mothers see entrepreneurship as an oppor...