Sustainable Christmas gifts for yoga – thoughtful ideas

drei Yogis im Krieger zwei - eine Yogamatte kann ein super nachhaltiges Weihnachtsgeschenk für Yoga sein

There are great sustainable Christmas gifts in general. Firstly, it is important to think about what your closed-ones really need. A gift doesn’t have to be really fancy or super expensive. If you know what your beloved one at the moment really needs, it is a great gift. Even if it is a kitchen supply or a pair of socks. If you really know what one needs, it is actually a really sustainable Christmas present. He or she would have bought it probably anyway. We have gathered some great sustainable Christmas gifts for yoga.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for yoga

Yoginis and yogis love meaningful and thoughtful presents. A lot of them are into the topic of sustainability since yoga is not only about mindfulness towards themselves but also about mindfulness towards the planet.

1. Sustainable yoga mat

If you know someone who practices yoga or just started to practice yoga and you know that this person so far does not own a yoga mat, a hejhej-mat is a great and sustainable Christmas gift for yoga. A yoga mat is the most essential prop you need to practice yoga. Certainly, most of the yoga studios also offer to use their yoga mats. However, if someone continues to practice yoga, it is just a matter of time until she or he wants to buy their own yoga mat. A yoga mat is a really emotional product, people have really close body contact with it and spend a lot of time on their yoga mat. That is why social and environmental aspects of a yoga mat are really important and our closed-loop hejhej-mats can be an idea for your sustainable Christmas gift for yoga.

rather light hejhej-mats yoga mat
sustainable Christmas gifts for yoga: rather dark hejhej-mat

2. Subscription for the favorite yoga studio

This is one of our personal favorites as it is a great nonmaterial gift plus it is beneficial for the mental and physical health of the presentee. A regular yoga practice also helps to blow away the winter blues a little. It is also a gift you and the presentee can do together. If the person already has a subscription for his/her favorite studio check if there are workshops happening once in a while. These are often a little more expensive and a real treat to the person.


3. Do it yourself yoga mat spray

A self-made present is always appreciated the most and often also a very sustainable option. You can easily create your own yoga mat spray and give it as a sustainable Christmas gift for yoga. Only very few ingredients are needed. Distilled water and a mix of few drops of your preferred essential oils. We like to mix tea tree oil which also has an anti-bacterial effect with lavender oil. With the mix of essential oils, you can add your personal note to the present. Fill it into a pretty spray bottle and there it is your self-made and sustainable Christmas gift for yoga.

4. A cozy blanket for Shavasana – an idea for sustainable Christmas gifts for yoga

One of the best Asanas needs one of the coziest props in winter. A soft blanket that keeps you warm in your relaxation after an intense yoga practice. It is a great sustainable Christmas gift for yoga but it can of course also be used outside the yoga practice at home. So it fulfills more than one purpose at a time which makes it double sustainable. If you decide to give a blanket try to buy it local, fair or made from recycled materials.

The variety of presents for yoga practitioners is great. We hope these tips will help you find the perfect present for your beloved yogis.