Hejhej Yoga Spray und Augenkissen in einem Bundle
Das Spray wird auf das Augenkissen gesprüht
Set aus Yoga Spray und Augenkissen
Ein schönes Geschenk um mit deinem Freund oder deiner Freundin zusammen zu entspannen
Augenkissen wird von einem angenehmen Licht angeleuchtet
Yoga Spray von hejhej liegt auf einem Bett


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  • 69€ instead of 78€ for hejhej-eyepillow and hejhej-spray in a set
  • hejhej-spray with spray dispenser
  • hejhej-eyepillow made of undyed cotton fabric
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Save 12% with the eye-pillow and the yoga spray in a bundle, your perfect yoga gift.

The hejhej-nowness bundle:

  • Give one to yourself or someone you love for a moment in the here and now.
  • Nowness describes the quality of the appearance of the present.
  • The use of the hejhej-eyepillow and hejhej-spray in combination can have calming and relaxing effects.
  • Perfect for the final relaxation of any yoga practice or meditation.
  • A great Yoga gift!

What you get


  • Fabric made from soft cotton scraps from Kenya.
  • Filling made from grape seeds from Franconia.
  • Social manufacturing in Kenya & in Germany.
  • 100% recyclable /biodegradable


  • For cleaning your yoga mat or for use in the room.
  • Organic essential oils from Italy or Germany.
  • Mix the yoga spray in handwork.


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Start a yoga session with your hejhej-nowness bundle

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