Yogamatte in hellerer Farbe steht zusammengerollt auf dem Boden, ein Yoga strap liegt daneben

hejhej-mats experience – that’s how the hejhej experience really is

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Maybe you’re just at the beginning of your yoga practice or your old yoga mat is coming to an end. We know that the search for a sustainable yoga mat can be very tiring and long. Our hejhej-mat was created out of this need, so to speak. The mat fulfills all criteria that are important to us for yoga mats. Are you thinking of buying a hejhej-mat? We want to give you an honest first-hand hejhej-mats experience review.

My name is Camie, as an intern at hejhej-mats I pass on my honest hejhej-mats experience to you to inform you about the mat and hopefully save you the long search.

The principle of the hejhej-mat is thought through from beginning to end.

Every year, several tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans, including yoga mats. The mindfulness we learn through our yoga practice should not only be transferred to ourselves and others, but also to our earth. Conscious consumption is more important than ever. For the production of the hejhej-mat no new materials and resources are used, rather what is already available in abundance on earth: rubbish.

The hejhej-mat consists of recycled cuttings from the foam industry, which are purchased from Germany and further processed near Nuremberg. If the yoga mat has reached the end of its product life cycle, you have the possibility to return it free of charge. The mat is recycled by hejhej-mats and a new yoga mat is made from it, great, isn’t it? This creates a closed cycle, no new resources are needed and no more waste ends up on our planet.

Why not use natural material?

You may be surprised because, in your search for a sustainable yoga mat, you have probably come across the material natural rubber more than once. Here is a short introduction to why natural rubber is not necessarily good for our nature. The demand for this raw material has risen sharply in recent years and this demand must be met. Several plantations are needed for the growing of natural rubber. For this purpose, rainforests and protected areas are cut down and many species lose their habitat. hejhej-mats have already looked into this topic in detail and in our blog article you can find more information about it.

This is what the hejhej-mats experience is really like.

The hejhej-mat is delivered climate neutrally with DHL GoGreen to your door. It is packed in a recycled cardboard box, there is no extra packaging and therefore no plastic. As soon as you open the box, you notice something: You don’t smell anything, and that in a positive sense. The mat is smell-neutral. This saves you the unpleasant rubbery smell and the need to air out the mat. So you can start immediately with your first yoga class. At first, the mat is still a bit stiff, but after a few exercises and rolling your mat up and out it is very comfortable. The yoga mat is not a lightweight, but with a yoga bag or rucksack, it easily becomes a constant yoga companion. The yoga mat and yoga mat bag are also available to buy directly in a cheaper bundle - my recommendation!

The hejhej-mat is with 5mm neither too thick, so you don’t sink into the mat with hands and feet, nor too thin. This makes it gentle on the knees and spine and very suitable for home, studio, and outdoor yoga. Due to the structured surface of the hejhej-mat, it ensures a good grip. Even during sweaty exercises, you do not slide back and forth on it but instead can focus entirely on your breathing. However, if you tend to have very wet hands and feet or practice a lot of hot yoga, it is recommended to use a towel for maximum slip resistance.

Zwei Yoginnis in der upward-facing dog pose. Ihr Blick geht nach oben.

How your yoga mat becomes truly sustainable.

To live sustainable, we should care about our products. The life cycle of many products is getting shorter and shorter and we are driven to buy new products again and again. Conscious consumption also means consciously looking after the things you already own.

To ensure that your hejhej-mat is long-lasting, hygiene and constant care are essential. Due to the closed-pore surface of the mat, it does not absorb moisture. This contributes greatly to the preservation of your mat, as no sweat is absorbed and therefore no brittle spots and bacteria can develop. Nevertheless, it is important to clean the mat regularly. After each exercise, run a damp cloth over your mat, especially after a sweaty yoga practice. Before rolling up the mat you should let it dry well. You can also put together a spray of water and your favorite essential oil to give your mat a nice aroma. To ensure you have a long and beautiful hejhej-mats experience, you will find more care instructions for your mat on our website.

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The hejhej-mat is not the cheapest yoga mat, but in return, you get a yoga mat that is not only sustainable but also very high quality. And with care and attention, you will enjoy it for a long time. It has fallen into oblivion to care for our products and give them a long shelf life. The hejhej-mat is well thought out from start to finish, its entire product life is ecological and fair. It is not only about the environmental friendliness of the yoga mat, but also about its social aspect. The mat is manufactured and shipped in cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities. Also, 1€ per sold hejhej-mat will be donated to the NGO Earth Child Project, which gives children in Cape Town access to yoga classes and environmental teachings.

Companies are dependent on customers and can only produce products when demand is there. So as consumers we have great power, influence, and responsibility. For this reason, it is important to ask ourselves again and again how and what we want to consume. I am sure you have already made some sustainable decisions and you can be proud of each one.

I hope that my hejhej-mats experience was able to help you with your decision. If you have further questions or concerns regarding the hejhej-mat, you are always welcome to write to us. Share your hejhej-mats experience with us on Instagram. We are happy to receive your message!