The first recycled yoga mat – we all have to change

Ein Yogastudio voll von recycelten Yogamatten - hejhej-mats ist dir erste recycelte Yogamatte und in verschiedenen Studios zu finden

The new year just started and for us, this part of the year is always combined with reflecting – both our last year as well as the new upcoming year. We look back to a great year. We launched our second product, a closed-loop yoga mat bag. Also, we continued to promote the first recycled yoga mat. Still, we can’t wait to continue our journey this year since we really see a need to act towards more sustainability. 

Last year also showed us that climate change is frightening us and that only drastic changes will avoid collapse. That’s why we see this new year as so important and we believe that everyone. Every individual consumer, every tiny or huge company, every institution, and all our politics needs to change. 

The power of consumers

During the last year, we noticed quite often that still so many people believe that they can’t make a change. If you talk with these people they certainly see the problem. They agree that we need to change, however still, they don’t start with themselves.  But: we need to change, otherwise, it is too late. Every little decision from each of us is important. We are important individuals, we are consumers, and we certainly have power and influence. You are still wondering how? 

We influence the people around us, even if we often don’t notice or believe this. If you, for instance, take a good example, like questioning your flying behaviour. If you start eating plant-based food or if you practice yoga on the first recycled yoga mat. These little examples will certainly influence your surroundings and after some time, they will think about these points as well. So really use every possibility you have to choose sustainable consumption decisions. Another reason which shows you that there is a power of consumers is the fact that companies rely on customers. We created the first recycled yoga mat and we need consumers on our side. We can only continue to work on sustainable and environmentally friendly products if consumers are interested in them.

The power of companies and how we try to use this with our first recycled yoga mats

Maybe you are wondering why we started hejhej? We were just regular consumers and we felt that there are too few sustainable products on the market. In our case, it was the market for yoga mats where we really could not find a sustainable alternative. So we decided to create the first recycled yoga mat and to enable us and all the other consumers to buy a fully sustainable yoga mat. 

We believe that old production patterns need to stop and companies need to use sustainable and alternatives ways of production. We are in the year 2020 and it is still so hard to find sustainable materials. If you then have found the materials, they are way more expensive than regular ones. The development of the first recycled yoga mat took us quite long. For us, it is 100% clear that we want every part of this yoga mat to be as sustainable as possible. We believe that a sustainable product needs this holistic approach. For instance, there has to be sustainable, plastic-free and recycled packaging.

How can you sell a sustainable and recycled product when wrapping it in virgin plastic? For us, this feels so ambivalent which is why the first recycled yoga mat is packaged without any plastic

A product consists of so many different parts and our goal is to achieve even the tiniest part of it in a sustainable way. We for instance just researched a lot about the shipping labels you put on the parcel. It was so hard to find a recycled version, it took us quite some time to find these alternatives and once we found it we noticed that the price is about 6 times higher than for regular labels. For us, still, it became crystal clear to use these recycled labels. This example is just such a tiny bit of a product, but it all sums up and companies can use the power they have and create their products as sustainable as possible. Companies can set examples for other companies and in this way sustainable alternatives can become a standard. 

Consumers and companies can influence how our economy develops and in which direction we will all head. Creating the first recycled yoga mat is our contribution. 

Remember that all tiny sustainable decisions are valuable, we are sure, you already did quite a lot, so be proud of that and maybe try something new this year.

The first recycled yoga mat is unique in its look - every mat is different.

Photocredits: Photographer Maximilian Salzer // Location: Bewegungsgarage