we are Anna and Sophie, the two founders of hejhej-mats.

We have completed our Masters in Sustainability Management in Sweden and are both passionate yogis.

One day we visited an art exhibition in Gothenburg. In one artwork the Turkish female artist Pinar Yoldas accused yoga practitioners of acting hypocritically. Since they often think they are acting very sustainably, but then they do not think about their yoga mat. Through this artwork, the two of us two felt caught and since that day we have been working on our sustainable yoga mat.

Our vision is to use our sustainable yoga equipment to reduce the amount of plastic waste on our planet and promote conscious consumption. We are enthusiastic about raw materials that flow in endless cycles. After all, we are motivated to make this planet a place worth living for future generations.

In 2018 our hejhej-mats were nominated for the federal ecodesign award. In 2019, we founders received the “Entrepreneur of the month” award from the Swedish brand OATLY.

The founders of hejhej-mats were named Oatly Entrepreneur of the Month.
Our hejhej-mats yoga mats were nominated for the national Ecodesign Award because of their unique design.

2021 we were part of the Start-Up Guide Germany.

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