Die hejhej-mat Yogamatte hat ein Patent und wir feiern mit euch

NEWS - A patent for the hejhej-mat

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We are more than thrilled, happy and proud to be able to tell you that our hejhej-mat has been patented. The path to patenting took almost 6 years. At some point we no longer believed that we would actually hold this certificate in our hands at the end - but now we are here!

Product development and patent application

Anna and I started hejhej during our master's studies in sustainability management in Sweden and developed our mat with many technical experts and partners. During the project we did a lot of testing and contacted many companies to make prototypes or find a production location. We were often rejected and not taken seriously, but somehow we managed to develop a really good prototype and find a production facility in Germany where we could produce the mats. At that point, before we spread our idea and before we raised money in our crowdfunding campaign, we applied for a patent together with our patent attorney. We never thought that this process would take so long and be so expensive. We had to make adjustments, we had to wait for years, and new bills and costs kept coming up. I have to honestly say that if we had known from the beginning how lengthy and expensive this process is, we probably wouldn't have taken this step and applied for a patent. Not only did it take a lot of time and money, it was also a lot of work making the adjustments, staying in touch with our lawyer and never mentally knowing how long it would take and how it would turn out.

The closed-loop yoga mat has a patent

The patented closed-loop hejhej-mat

But 5 years after filing our patent application, we received our certificate. That was about a year ago, and Anna and I were probably the happiest people on the planet that day. All that money, time, and resources finally paid off, and that's what we were so happy about.
We planned to communicate about it and eventually share it with our community - but our lawyer advised us to wait a little longer (a year!) so that the appeal period would be over. After waiting for 5 years, this one year was nothing new for us and now this one year is finally over. So after 6 years we can tell you that our hejhej-mats yoga mats are patented. Our materials, composition and production process play a role in this patent and we have to say, Anna, I and the whole hejhej-team are just super proud to have invented and developed this closed-loop yoga mat.

After 6 years we finally want to celebrate! We rarely do discounts, but today is the day!

For one week until the 15th of July - with the code hejpatent - we will give you 10% discount on your entire order.

Maybe you've been thinking about getting our closed-loop hejhej-mat for a while? Today is your day - use the code hejpatent - and get your own patented hejhej-mat. The code is valid for all of our closed-loop yoga props, including our yoga bolster, the hejhej-bag, or our bundles.
Let’s celebrate together, spread the word about our hejhej-mats and closed-loop products in general, and let’s all try to contribute to a more sustainable future!