Recycled yoga mat out of foam off-cuts

aus Restmaterialien entstehen hochwertige und recycelte Yogamatten

Why do we actually need a recycled yoga mat?

Since the evolution of the material plastic, our society has produced 8,3 million tons of this material. Most of it can be found today as waste in our nature. Various ecosystems, animals, and our human health are suffering. All of us individual people are producing waste and contribute to the rising amount of plastic waste.

waste is not waste - our recycled yoga mats are produced out of foam offcuts
our recycled yoga mats are not out of the typical consumer waste but out of high-quality pre-consumer waste

Besides us individuals, there are also big companies producing waste. In the foaming industry, a lot of offcuts arise that cannot be used for their usual production purposes anymore.

These offcuts are called pre-consumer waste

That means that individual people have not used this material so far and the quality is still premium. You are probably wondering what normally happens with all of these offcuts? Fortunately, most of the material gets recycled or rather downcycled. Offcuts occurring for example in the production of mattresses, get recycled in a product with less quality such as insulating material. This type of recycling is called downcycling. We wanted to find a high-quality solution and treat the offcuts as valuable resources:

hejhej-mats upcycles foam offcuts into a high-quality and recycled yoga mat

By recycling the offcuts and by producing our recycled yoga mats we can make sure that the material will get a second life. For us, it’s not only a second life but all our recycled yoga mats are designed in line with the circular economy and will get even a third, fourth, fifth … life. That means that we can even recycle our yoga mats once they reach the end of their lifespan and can produce again new recycled yoga mats. In this way, hejhej-mats are closed-loop, sustainable and recycled yoga mats. This sounds fancy, right?

But what about hygienic and health-related aspects?

While doing yoga, you have direct skin contact with the surface of your mat. People’s health is part of sustainability and extremely important for us. This is why we wanted to achieve a recycled yoga mat which exclusively benefits your health in every way. The offcuts are pre-consumer and qualitatively valuable but still, they get cleaned before processing them into our recycled yoga mats. Additionally, our goal was to achieve a medical conform top layer for our hejhej-mats, unfortunately, we could not reach this with our recycled material. This is why we decided to use minimal virgin materials for the paper-thin top of our otherwise recycled yoga mats. In this way, we can guarantee you that your hejhej-mat solely benefits your health.