Yoga hat eine große Vielfalt von Positionen

The variety of yoga

Yoga not only offers a variety of yoga styles, but also different yoga poses. There are also many different places where you can practise yoga. Nowadays, people rush through their lives without resting. Yoga is all about yourself and practicing on your mat - so it's a great way to slow life down. For us, it's an important part of our daily lives and we want to share with you some of our favorite yoga poses, locations and styles.

All of our daily life is full of appointments. We are chasing from one place to the other without even noticing our surroundings. We are hectically trying to manage our lives. Maybe exactly this stressful world made us realise that we cannot continue this way and that we have to slow our lives down. This is maybe the reason why people are now starting to think about themselves. Why they purposely decide to live a conscious live starting from ecologically and locally harvested food through to taking time for your body and soul. Maybe this hectic daily life is the reason why yoga is getting more and more popular and the variety of yoga rises steadily.

People are taking time for themselves during the yoga practice. Yoga helps them to find their inner selves. At least for 1,5 hours a week they can solely focus on themselves. Yoga is just about you and your practice on your mat. Although it should not only be this 1,5 hours of yoga when you take some time for yourself but you should live a conscious daily life.  At least it is a good start.

Yoga really is an easy way of combining physically practice with emotional strengthening and balance. The variety of yoga styles is immense and there are even a lot of different varieties you can choose from. We believe that this is the reason why so many people started to practice yoga. Yoga is for everyone. Everyone can try it and will find its own style of yoga.

You can choose from a variety of yoga styles

While Yin Yoga is about a deep yoga practice where you hold poses for quite a long period of time, it is not too fast and not too sweat inducing. Still, it is a real workout and you will totally feel muscles you before did not even know they exist. Soaring muscles on every part of your body will prove this to you. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a floating and faster type of yoga. For those of you who want to combine some elements of martial arts with yoga, how about trying Budokon Yoga? Are you more the type of a dancer? You should try Living Yolates. 

We could go on and on about the variety of yoga styles but what we basically want to say is that you will find your own type of yoga. Try some different styles and don’t stick to one type but vary your practice. One day strongly practicing Vinyasa Flow and the other day slowly deepening your stretching skills in a Yin session will balance your body and your practice.

When talking about the variety of yoga styles, the variety of poses is even more diverse

Yoga poses are called Asanas. We want to share with you three of our favorite Asanas:

  • The Triangle pose: we love this pose because it is a really deep and stretching pose. It engages every part of your body, strengthens your core and opens your hips and shoulders.
  • Headstand: No worries, we are not the type of yogis who can easily go into headstand without having problems at all. But, we love to practice this pose and we love to notice how fast you are improving your strength and your capabilities. So, we are sure that all of us, one day, will be the ones the whole yoga class looks at when easily going into headstand during a flow class.
  • Child’s pose: After those two really intense poses, child’s pose can be grounding and relaxing. You can certainly practice this pose actively and strongly. However, can also come back into this pose when needing a break and to find your breath again.

Yoga does not stick to one place where you can practice. It offers a great variety of places. 

Es gibt verschiedene Orte, an denen man Yoga praktizieren kann und eine große Vielfalt von Yoga

An outdoor yoga session is unbelievable. You feel the air touching your skin like you never experienced wind or air before. You hear the tree leaves or the birds singing like you never heard these sounds before. Try some outdoor yoga and just grab your mat and go to the next park. You can also do a yoga session during your next summer holiday at the beach. We are sure you will love how your senses get stimulated. How well you are relaxed and how happy you are after your practice.

The place which probably most of you associate with yoga is a yoga studio. It is probably one of the most effective and also relaxing places where you can practice yoga. The atmosphere in a yoga studio with candles, flowers, blankets and music is stunning. An experienced teacher guides your practice and you basically flow through the 1,5 hours of practice.

In case you cannot make it to your regular yoga class after work or in case you just don’t want to leave your flat, the variety of yoga offers you to practice it at home. The great thing about yoga is that you basically don’t need any other equipment than your yoga mat.

So, roll out your mat and enjoy your own practice.