In addition to closed-loop yoga mats, you can also find other closed-loop yoga equipment.

A young woman practices the Wild Thing Yoga Pose on the closed-loop yoga mat by hejhej in the color light.


Yoga mat made from recycled raw materials

To protect scarce natural resources, we use materials that are already existing in abundance on our planet for the production of your hejhej-equipment.

The hejhej-mats yoga mat is 100% made in Germany

We produce fairly and locally exclusively in Germany. We cooperate very closely with people who do not have easy access to the regular labor market.

hejhej-mats are 100% recyclable

What happens to your product when you no longer need it? We take responsibility, recycle worn hejhejs and let them 100% flow back into the cycle. This does not create any additional waste for our planet.

A young woman shows her friend the new yoga bag from hejhej - she is another part of the closed-loop yoga mat family.

Text block that says: There is a new bag for the closed-loop yoga mats from hejhej.
Two friends to start yoga practice on the closed-loop yoga mats.