choose between the light or dark hejhej-mat

Here you can order the light recycled hejhej-mat yoga mat.
Here you can order the dark recycled hejhej-mat yoga mat.

sustainability is the heart of hejhej-mats yoga mats

usage of a resource that the planet already has an access off instead of limited natural resources: 1 kg of production waste for one hejhej-mat


recyclable at the end of its lifespan: yoga mat does not have to end as waste in our nature


hejhej-mats reduces the amount of plastic waste with each yoga mat sold


logo and strap out of biodegradable organic cotton with water-based print


logo gets sewed on top in corporation with a workplace for people with disabilities 


solely usage of recycled material for packaging and climate neutral shipping 


production in Germany


1€ of each mat goes to the social initiative EarthChild Project


Example for an asana on the dark recycled hejhej-mat yoga mat: prayer pose.



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