hejhej-mats x flow 02/2023

hejhej-mats x Pause 03 winter 2022/2023

Kale&Me's new magazine has mentioned our dark hejhej-mat

hejhej-mats x Luna Mum No. 50 June / July 2022

Luna Mom Mag Press Mention

hejhej-mats x Straßenkreuzer Nuremberg March 2022

An article about hejhej-mats in Straßenkreuzer Nuremberg

hejhej-mats x Nürnberger Nachrichten January 2022

hejhej-mat in the Nürnberger Nachrichten in January 2022

hejhej-mats x Schrot & Korn november 2021

Christmas present hejhej-mats in Schrot & Korn magazine

hejhej-mats x GREEN 01/2021

hejhej-mat's mention in the Green - Stories about sustainable ideas

hejhej-mats x RAUM UND WOHNEN Switzerland July 2021

Raum und Wohnen Magazine Summer 2021 Issue Cover with a view of the sea

hejhej-mats x COUCH June 2021

COUCH Magazine Cover of June 2021 showing hejhej-mats and the asana called Malasana

hejhej-mats x BRIGITTE May 2021

hejhej-bolster mention in Brigitte magazine in the May 2021 issue

hejhej-mats x Start-Up Guide Germany May 2021

Start Up Guide Germany Book

hejhej-mats x zuhause wohnen May 2021

You see the cover of the german magazine "zuhause wohnen". hejhej was part of the may issue 2021.

hejhej-mats x Herzstück May & June 2021

Herzstück Magazin May & June Issue 2021 with hejhej-mats mentioned.

hejhej-mats x ELLE December 2020

hejhej-mats x InStyle December 2020

InStyle magazine December issue 2020 and page 182 with the rather light hejhej-mat

hejhej-mats x GLAMOUR October 2020

hejhej-mats x Women’s Health September 2020

hejhej-mats featured in Women's Health magazine september issue

hejhej-mats x cosy September 2020

hejhej-mats x COUCH May 2020

hejhej-mats x Süddeutsche Zeitung March 2020

hejhej-mats are mentioned in the magazine wohlfühlen of the süddeutsche zeitung

hejhej-mats x Focus January 2020

the hejhej-mats yoga mats were presented in the focus in the issue on climate change.

hejhej-mats x Fit For Fun November 2019

hejhej-mats x GEO Saison November 2019

hejhej-mats x t3n 2019

hejhej-mats x Fit for Fun Mai 2019

The sustainable hejhej-mats yoga mats appeared in the German edition of Fit For Fun.

hejhej-mats x Women’s Health NL May 2019

The recycled hejhej-mat yoga mat made it in the Dutch edition of Women's Health.

hejhej-mats x Business Punk April 2019

The founder of hejhej-mats Sophie Zepnik was interviewed for the business magazine Business Punk.

hejhej-mats & BLONDE March 2019

Titled as a sustainable sun salutation, the rather light hejhej-mat yoga mat has found a mention in Blonde magazine.

hejhej-mats x Vogue April 2018

The founders of hejhej-mat's Anna and Sophie made it to Vogue with their sustainable yoga mats.

hejhej-mats x cosy January 2019

The furnishing magazine cosy calls the recycled hejhej-mats yoga mats "real eco".


The recycled hejhej-mats yoga mats can be found in the Christmas magazines of KADEWE, ALSTERHAUS and OBERPOLLINGER.

hejhej-mats & flow November 2018

In the section Mindful Life of the Flows Magazine, the recycled hejhej-mats yoga mats have found a place.

hejhej-mats x soulsister November 2018

The rather light hejhej-mats yoga mat was featured among Rubrick's favorite pieces in Soulsister magazine.

hejhej-mats x jolie November 2018

The Jolie has mapped the two founders of hejhej-mats with their sustainable yoga mats in the Extra edition of the Trend Öko.

hejhej-mats x brand eins October 2018

The business magazine Brand eins has published a large article on the Circular Economy and also interviewed the founders of hejhej-mats.

hejhej-mats x brigitte women 2018

The Brigitte Women recommends the hejhej-mats yoga mats to their readers.

hejhej-mats x emotion October 2018

Both hejhej-mats yoga mats appeared to Okotber edition of emotion magazine.

hejhej-mats x hygge October 2018

The Hygge magazine counts the hejhej-mats yoga mats among the finds of the month October.

hejhej-mats x yoga journal September / October 2018

In the yoga mat test of the Yoga Journal, the hejhej-mats yoga mat has cut off as the most sustainable yoga mat.

hejhej-mats & maxima September 2018

The Austrian magazine maxima has dedicated a whole page to the rather dark hejhej-mat's yoga mat.
The cover of the issue of Maxima in which the hejhej-mats yoga mats have appeared.

hejhej-mats x happinez September 2018

The cover of the Happinez edition in which the hejhej-mats yoga mats have appeared.
The hejhej-mats yoga mats have found a place in the happinez issue, which is about mindfulness.

hejhej-mats x brigitte August 2018

The Brigitte recommends her readers the hejhej-mats yoga mat as a green mat.

hejhej-mats x yoga aktuell July 2018

Yoga Aktuell reports about the hejhej-mats yoga mats as non-slip mats made of foam remnants.

hejhej-mats x cosmopolitan June 2018

The Cosmopolitan names the hejhej-mat's founders as activists in the June issue.

hejhej-mats x shape June 2018

hejhej-mats are part of the green news in the Shape magazine.

hejhej-mats x yoga journal 2018

hejhej-mats is titled as fully sustainable in the Yoga Journal.

hejhej-mats x Women’s Health April 2018

The rather dark hejhej-mats yoga mat appears as Editor's Choice in Women's Health.

hejhej-mats & ma vie Januar/Februar 2018

The magazine ma vie encourages more yoga and in this context recommends the hejhej-mats yoga mats.

hejhej-mats x enorm December / January 2017/2018

The hejhej-mats yoga mats made of recycled materials have appeared in the Enorm.

hejhej-mats x green lifestyle January 2018

The hejhej-mats yoga mats made it into the January issue of the green lifestyle magazine titled as yoga mats made of plastic garbage.

hejhej-mats x emotion slow Dezember 2017

The hejhej-mats yoga mats and the two founders are part of the Emotions Slow magazine in December 2017.