hejhej yoga days

6 days of practice - setting intentions for the new year! Let's begin this journey together.

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The booklet is created to support your practice and encourage daily reflection. With thoughtful prompts, it's designed to cultivate a journaling habit that guides you through meaningful self-reflection every day.


Come join us for our starting ceremony! We'll be practicing with the power of the new moon to meditate on new beginnings. Jana will guide us on a transformative experience through a soul-soothing sound healing ceremony. Join us at 6:30 pm to meditate, and to manifest intentions, aligning our beings with the profound vibrations of sound. It is the perfect way to kick off our journey together.

Create a cozy setup with candles, a yoga mat, a blanket, an eye pillow, and either earplugs or speakers for the best relaxing sound experience.

Thursday 11th, 18:30 - Instagram live


Step into the 6-day challenge, immerse yourself in daily practice, and capture its beauty! Share your journey through a quick daily photo on Instagram messages or by tagging us in your story. By joining us, not only do you enrich your practice, but you also stand a chance to win an incredible reward:

a circular Yoga mat and two blocks!