Why cooperating with a workplace for people with disabilities brings us closer to being a social start-up

Developing our sustainable yoga mats took quite a long time. It was not only about finding the right materials and production procedures but it was also a lot about organizing and deciding on various aspects of the product. For instance how to pack our yoga mat, which material to use for the label as well as how to then put the label on top of the mat.

We wanted to make all these decisions in line with sustainability. So all of the aspects around our yoga mat should somehow benefit our environment and society since we are aiming to not only be an environmental friendly start-up but also a social start-up.

As a new venture, we think it should be the basis of each decision to think about your social responsibility as well.  

So we decided to sew our logo out of biodegradable organic cotton on top of our yoga mat and we wanted to do this in cooperation with a social initiative. We found a wonderful workplace for people with disabilities called Lebenshilfe. The heart of this organization is the people. All people and especially people with intellectual disabilities. People can live there, work there and get promoted to live and work as independently as possible. They basically get as much support as needed for independence. There are several workplaces and people can work in their preferred area. There is a huge variety of jobs: from a bakery, laundry, printery to an organic farm to tailoring. For all kind of personal preferences and abilities, there is the right place to work. All people should participate equally in our society. This is why we wanted to support a social organization and wanted to give work to people with disabilities.

We wanted to actively include people with disabilities in our society, so we cooperated with Franz Sales Haus. As we are aiming to become a social start-up, we think providing work is the best method to include people in the society.

The logo gets sewed on top of the yoga mat by a workplace for people with disabilities, which brings us closer to becoming a social start-up.
Photo Credits: Christin Schwarzer Photography

Daily work structures people’s life and makes it meaningful. Their job makes people experience recognition, success and the feeling of really being needed.

Our biodegradable labels have to be sewed on top of our sustainable yoga mats manually and the workplace for sewing and tailoring of the Franz Sales Haus is responsible for that. They did an amazing job. From the beginning on, people were super curious about our project and all of them were excited to contribute to our sustainable yoga mats. The results are more than amazing. Every seam was made perfectly and with the highest accuracy. Not only this extremely high quality totally convinced us. Being a social start-up means getting an overview of the diversity of working possibilities in our society and including diversity in your business’ agenda.

What really makes us happy when working with people with disabilities is the meeting of people and the direct exchange.

Each time we came to this wonderful place, we have seen how happy people working there are. We had so many joyful, valuable and funny conversations and meetings with the workers. So each time we left we could notice a big smile on our face. We plan and hope to have so many more wonderful encounters with people, we want to continue working with people with disabilities and we hope to include everyone in our society and into our sustainable hejhej-future.

Each time we left the workplace for people with disabilities we noticed a big smile on our face.  That is another benefit of becoming a social start-up.
Photo Credits: Christin Schwarzer Photography


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